Thursday, June 3, 2010

Friday Thoughts 6/3/2010 (Thursday edition)

I seem to have a problem with Holiday weeks and the blog, where I just can't get into a rhythm on posting, so apologies for the lack of updates lately.

Since I don't have anything that fits into it's own post, I thought the Friday format would work best, although yes, I realize it's Thursday.

1. Ken Griffey Jr. retired yesterday, boy does that make me feel old. It's one thing to watch one of your favorite players retire, it's another when you remember the player coming to the Major Leagues at 18 and becoming a superstar overnight. What a great career to watch though. What a great career to a player whom I consider to be one of the best ever and the best of the modern era. SI's Jon Heyman (whom, I respect greatly as a baseball reporter) reported on his Twitter feed that he believes Griffey is the greatest 'clean' player of the modern era and has never tested positive for performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). For those that follow baseball closely, it's not hard to believe Griffey never used PEDs, as his talent jumped out at you when watching him. There was no reason to mess with that ability. For those that might not be convinced otherwise, then statistically it's fairly easy to point out too, as Griffey's career and injuries mirrored many of those before him on the bell curve that is typical for baseball careers. (His head also didn't grow 6 inches in diameter and he wasn't hitting 70 homeruns at 40 years old, but I digress).

2. Monday holidays continue to give, 4 day work weeks after the holiday are like an extra bonus.

3. Stephen Strasburg mania is hitting the Major Leagues on June 8th. I'll reserve judgement, while I don't doubt the kid has an abundance of talent, many 'can't miss' prospects have done exactly that at the major league level. Just recently Mark Prior was essentially 'can't miss' too and most writers and scouts that I followed seemed to have higher praise for him. My concerns for Strasburg are that many of the knowledgeable baseball writers that I follow, seem to be much more muted in their praise. Most of the hype seems to be from mainstream media, again his numbers at Triple A are very solid, but until it's proven for 5-6 years at the Major League level, I'll hold my anointment. Baseball's complexities make it far harder to dominate when one is young and even if they have the talent to do so, maintaining it is much more difficult in my opinion. Another reason I consider football and basketball to be far simpler games.

4. Since this seems to be a fairly sports related post, last night's error by umpire Jim Joyce that cost the Tiger's pitcher his perfect game, has to stand. It's unfortunate, but to undo the call would still mar the performance. I struggled with this opinion though, especially considering it was on what would have been the last out of the game which means there would be no consequence to overturning the ruling. It was a bad call, but that's the human side of baseball and until they implement instant replay it's the rules they play by.

5. In other news, the Indians are far worse then I imagined. This team is bad and interest in them is dropping to the mid-80's levels, when they were at best a triple A team.

6. What's there to say on the gulf coast leak, it's really just sad. I'm not sure words can express how I feel on this. It's also very evident that we don't seem to be able to elect leaders anymore or promote them within our companies. BP has shown themselves to be incompetent from a PR standpoint and our government has thrown up their hands advising that we don't have the equipment to handle the situation. It's a rather sad state of affairs really.

7. On the topic of government leadership. I try to stay away from too much political discourse, I've mentioned before I'd lean farther democratic then republican if I had to choose a side and I definitely prefer President Obama to President Bush, however having said that, it's very evident that President Obama lacks leadership capabilities, it's one of the same issues I had with President Bush. This is fairly typical for a legislator turned executive, they just don't understand the concept of leading and seem far too comfortable in the pack mentality. (I realize President Bush was a governor and I'm not referencing him here as a legislator). The reason why people fondly remember certain Presidents is that they had the ability to lead. It's sorely missing in the current political climate. Unfortunately our political climate is more visible then it's ever been and 'true' leaders are likely to be pushed to the side due to inevitable bad decisions far too early in the political process. Leaders make decisions and some turn out bad, the current climate favors no decision making, so there's nothing for the other side to bring up.

8. Why can't political parties be just for politicians? Wouldn't it make more sense for voters to not affiliate themselves with one party and to force those parties to truly work for the favor?

9. As a self proclaimed 'libertarian' I'm confident in telling you that the 'tea party' movement is not a true libertarian movement, funny how definitions and catch words play out now-a-days in the political landscape though.

10. My wife visited her cousin's parents the other day who run a pool store and I was dismayed to find out that the winter pool cover would only cost us $40. Couldn't it have been 3 or 4 hundred, which would have given me the opportunity to tear down that cess-pool currently occupying our backyard. Since the cover is so cheap, we are going to give the pool another run this year. Since the potential for the wife to get a job is over the summer and we could potentially move, having it available to help the house's value is the reason we are keeping it. After all, the new owners who have never have one think the idea of a backyard pool is awesome! :)

11* (Bonus one) More personal information, I'm up to 130 miles for the 1000 mile summer bike challenge. I made great progress last weekend, but have fallen off the schedule this week, hoping for some additional time on the trail tonight.

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