Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Thoughts 6/25/2010

Summer is in full bloom here in Ohio, combined with work it makes for some sporadic posting. Having said that, I'll likely be using Friday thoughts to do some quick recap of what's been happening for the weekend, while I try and think of some interesting things to write about.

1. I had an unexpected work twist come up this week, I was offered a position that I had applied for that would have taken me to the sales side of the business. Unfortunately, it would have meant a salary reduction to start and adjust to the commission based model my company employs, which in itself wouldn't be bad if I wasn't factoring in the other aspects of the change. The job would have required relocation either to Washington D.C or New York. Unfortunately that wouldn't have been determined for 6 months as we tried to build the Federal sales pipeline during that time. Considering the cost of living increase either of those two locations have vs Cleveland, the need to sell the current house at likely a small loss in order to do it quickly, and the fact that the initial salary change would be negative rather then positive. It just didn't feel right, so I turned down the position. It's unfortunate though, because the position could be quite lucrative down the line, however I didn't feel the reward outweighed the risk for the change, so it's back to the internal website to do some searching for a change.

2. Tonight, we are taking the daughter to see Toy Story 3, in itself not really exciting news, but we are going to one of the last remaining drive ins. I can't remember the last time I went to a drive in.

3. In other work and life related news, the wife is down in Columbus, OH today for an interview. Keeping our fingers crossed on this one, while not the ideal location, at least the move would be fairly painless compared to an 8 hour + trek somewhere, plus coming back to visit would be relatively easy with Columbus only 2 1/2 hours away.

4. Some fun from the web: Make sure you watch out for those plague carrying turtles. Such a great job by Airtran employees of following that brilliant concept of corporate policy to the letter. It's another case where 'corporate policy' is nice as a generalized concept, but can fail miserably if you don't have a corporate philosophy of allowing your employees to use some discretion or they have no incentive to do so. The result is wonderful publicity like this, where your company looks like insufferable fools.

5. Well after much debate and a couple of nights that got sidetracked with job discussion, we've decided to host a July 4th party. I decided to send the invite out to all. Now it's just a matter of getting things ready, blech.

6. Oh Joy, only about a week until we get to hear his majesty "King" James speak. Although I don't anticipate he'll do much speaking on July 1 or after. I'm so ready for this whole process to be over, although it has helped remind me that all ESPN programming besides actual games is essentially worthless anymore.

7. In more web linking, I found this article about some of Pakistan's current issues with the web and Islam. I'm fascinated by the comments sections of articles like this. Seeing the comments under articles like this, makes me love the Internet even more. Subjects that are taboo at dinner parties are perfectly acceptable for discussion with thousands of people you don't know. Conversational chaos at it's finest. My favorites are the self proclaimed 'open minded' religious zealots who classify Islamic followers as terrorists and fail to recognize their hate and prejudice goes against all of their religious teachings.

8. Since I'm actually finishing this on Saturday, I'll add that the Drive-in was a great experience. I'll have a more in depth posting on it next week. Sad to see though that so many have disappeared.

9. While I understand the need for fraud watch by the Credit Card companies, it amazes me that they seem to pop and lock after mild activity. So frustrating if you are planning on making multiple purchases with a card during a shopping day.

10. I had a spectacular failure on trying to bake with Strawberries this week. I love strawberries, but there is a very limited range of what you can make with them.

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