Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Thoughts 6/18/2010

1. Yesterday was just a bad day for my little one. After having a bad night of sleeping, due to a bathroom accident, that she attempted to clean up on her own and we didn't find out til morning about, she also discovered one of her favorite TV shows "Little Einsteins" appears to have been cancelled. She took the news rather hard, and I can relate as I remember similar feelings from when I was a child. Although I know it's just a TV show and did my best to console her, I think the distress comes from starting to see we don't have control over everything, and that things we love can go away so easily. The good news to report though, is she's back in her usual good spirits today and getting ready to have a 'pool' day now that I've successfully gotten the pool ready for the summer.

2. Oil, oil, oil. A big thank you to the Representative from Texas, Joe Barton, for his heartfelt apology to BP, that obviously speaks for the rest of the country during this disaster. After all, the company deserves our sympathy considering the strong arm tactics of our liberal Executive branch, that put a plan in place for 20 billion in funds spread out over four years to be placed in escrow for damages. (have I conveyed sarcasm yet, if not let this statement clarify that this is) Let's not forget though, that BP that 20 billion is about a quarter of their profit for the year and at the very least 8 billion has been saved by cutting dividends for the year. By my calculations, that means if BP winds up only being accountable for the 20 billion, that they still have 3 billion a year in money to utilize for cleanup costs and another 82 million in profit per year that they are left with. My heart bleeds black gold for such a heinous act.

3. 90 billion in profit a year, yes you read that right, that's a lot of zeros isn't it?

4. An update on my singing pursuit, I had indicated a couple of weeks ago that I was going to audition with a couple of guys, however, after communicating with them a bit through email, I decided not to pursue it, the vibe just wasn't right. In truth that's more a matter of my idiosyncrasies then theirs. , I still think I'm going to pursue something, but I'm being a bit more cautious in what I look for, I'm not sure if this is a result of being replaced, or just the natural progression.

5. Back to Rep. Barton for a minute, he issued an apology today, and trying to put aside the emotion for a second, I do understand a bit what his point is, the slush fund is a bad precedent to set and has not been done so previously for situations like this. From a legal perspective, perhaps that's a valid point, it's also worth pointing out though, that this oil spill is unprecedented as well, and when faced with an unprecedented situation, unprecedented actions are sometimes necessary. It does not excuse the language the representative used though in apologizing to BP, who by the way agreed to the establishment of the fund. The apology, in my opinion, is extremely poor form and seemed more about protecting future donations then anything sincere.

6. Father's day weekend, I always find this day a bit amusing. When asked what I want to do, the reply is usually a day of sleeping works just fine for me. There is nothing like a weekend nap. God, I'm getting old.

7. Despite getting old, I'm burning the candle at both ends this weekend, Friday night out with the guys, Saturday out with the wife and another couple. See I told you I needed that nap on Sunday.

8. As I mentioned earlier in this post, the pool is up and ready to go, after draining and cleaning the whole thing, I'm quite happy with the way it's turned out. Now we'll see if I can keep it up for the summer.

9. Utah executed a convicted felon by 'firing squad' this week. (Intentionally). I'm going to let that sit with you for a couple seconds.................... Yes, it's 2010...........Yes, it's the same Utah that typically is associated with polygamy....... No, I don't have a rational explanation for why they still utilize this. (actually the reasoning is described here: Oklahoma also has this 'option' available. Lovely, and they wonder why we make fun of those states.)

10. Have a great weekend and official start to your summer. Here's a drink suggestion for those that imbibe. My current favorite right now, simple, easy, and refreshing.

1oz dark rum
.5oz gin
muddled strawberries


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