Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday Thoughts 6/11/2010

Here we go with another list of 10 for the week.

1. It's been a busy week, the wife is down in Daytona for a invite only job fair, so we are waiting to see how that goes. That means I've been home with Boof for three days. It's been a fun couple of days, although I've probably fed her a bit too much ice cream :)

2. Have you ever noticed at the gas station they have signs stating to be careful when you are filling you tank, as you are responsible for all spills?

3. I think I might watch some of the World Cup, I watched the one 4 years ago for a bit, I've never been a big soccer fan, but there's something sort of neat in the 4 year format and how big it is outside of the U.S.

4. I hit the 200 mile mark on the 1000 mile goal for the summer for bike riding. My near term goal is 400 by July 4th weekend or when I take the next work trip on July 8th. 27 days away gives me a reasonable shot at hitting that goal.

5. Bronwyn's first dance/gym recital is this Saturday, definitely a bit excited for it. She's been rehearsing regularly to the point that I'm a bit tired of the song they are performing too "Surfing USA"

6. I find us balancing discipline lately with Bronwyn. On Wednesday she had a bit of an episode where she behaved badly in trying to get her point across that happens to be one of her Mother's pet peeves. (Bronwyn slapped at her, very out of character). Bronwyn immediately realized her grievous error, however the damage was done and my wife came down pretty hard on her. I'm trying to figure out the best way for us to facilitate her pushing the boundaries a bit and to 'stand up for herself' while still maintaining discipline. Bronwyn tends to be overly sensitive to criticism and failure, so I do think we need to keep this in mind when she makes a mistake and understand when we have an emotional response and not go overboard with it as well. Gentle nudging towards her pushing the boundaries is still the way to go I think.

7. Stephen Strasburg of the Washington Nationals had a very successful debut, I wrote about the
Done spellchecking
hype for him recently, and stand by my point that being great is going to take more then a couple games (think couple years), however it should be pointed out that the Nationals scheduled his first two starts against two of the worst teams in the league this year. (Pirates and Indians this Saturday or Sunday). The enthusiasm should be tempered a bit due to these two opponents, but likely won't be.

8. I found out some disturbing news today about one of the Vegas forums I regularly participate in. . The Las Vegas Review Journal has filed a copyright infringement suit against the site for posting stories from their paper which were fully accredited and linked too. The LVRJ according to the LV Sun has filed suit against 37 websites. I'm typing up a whole post on my thoughts on the matter, but wanted to reference it here as well.

9. I understand why the parent's of the teenage girl who was sailing around the world allowed her to go, I think. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to be the youngest ever. I'm all for parent's encouraging dreams and understand she's sailed since she was very young, since it's her family's business. While I understand it, I can't say I agree with it though. It's one thing to have a dream of sailing around the world, it's another to do it as a teenager in order to try and break the record. For those that are unfamiliar with the story, her communications went out during a storm, they did locate her yesterday sans mast, and she's awaiting rescue. The story can be found here: It's hard to judge in this spot though, because I'm sure her parents felt very comfortable in her abilities and considering the outcome were not proven wrong as she's survived and handled the storm although failed in her attempt. As an outsider though unfamiliar with sailing, I definitely think my view is skewed, and I'm not sure I could let me daughter do something like this at such a young age. Then again, I sort of felt the same way about Natalee Holloway, 18 seemed a bit to young to allow her to go unsupervised to Aruba, I realize that she's an adult at 18, however, to travel to a forum country with the intent on 'celebration' which consisted of drinking and partying for a youngster to celebrate high school graduation, I tend to think there was a failure on the parent's part there. Alas she could make her own decision, but from what I've read, it was a trip they supported and possibly contributed to funding. I'm not a fan of our drinking age laws here, but I have to believe there might have been a better choice. Hindsight is always 20/20 though.

10. With the wife away in Florida, it's been an action packed three days with Boof and me spending some quality time together. I've definitely spoiled her and continued to make it harder someday to find someone as special as "Daddy". I don't feel bad about this at all.

Have a great weekend

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