Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting back on track

It's amazing how much a creature of habit I've become, take me out of my daily routines and everything seems to collapse around me. Well maybe not everything but the blog at least.

I didn't get the job, I found out last Thursday, the hiring manager was nice enough to call and let me know that while I was a strong candidate and they felt I could do the job (a fairly significant point to try and 'move' into management at my current company), they just had stronger candidates that were available. It was a good experience, as I was grilled through 4 interviews, and handled them very well. If there is one thing that can become rusty from not using it, it's how you handle the interview process. So for now I'm in the same position, hopefully some more internal positions will open over the summer.

The Cavs lost, the good news is they did it in 6 games and no matter how much the sports talk hosts and fans try and 'label' this, they'll fail. The city's become a bit too proud of catchy nicknames for failure. ("The drive", "The fumble", "The shot"). In truth this loss reminds me of the '96 Indians the year they lost to the Orioles in the first round when they shouldn't have. It's never fun to be ousted early in the playoffs, as the beginning of next season, just seems so much farther away. The additional good news though for Cleveland sports reporting is the fact that they get to focus on Lebron James and the will he leave or won't he story.

The pending free agency of Lebron James feels bizarre. If he wanted to stay he can do so either by taking his player option for next year or by signing a long term deal. If he wants to go there's nothing wrong with that either, but the comments that 'me and my team have a plan' just don't make a lot of sense if he's intent on staying. The numbers that the team can offer him are pretty standard, so 'this plan' almost has to be going somewhere else, otherwise it's just an ego boosting tour in order to be courted by other teams and raise the media visibility of his star power (although I'm not entirely sure that's possible). I could care less to tell you the truth, it's one thing for these stars to be coddled by teams and be paid according to the league rules or what they can negotiate for earnings. It's quite another for teams, cities, and fans to start lavishing praise on these stars in order to get them to stay. Check out this Miami Heat 'official site' I can't find it, but I read at one point there was suggestions to fans to not approach Wade at functions and discuss him leaving or to say anything negative to him. All we need now is a chimney and the white smoke to 'announce' the anointment for Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and Lebron James.

I'm thinking of taking down my 'cess'pool that we have in the backyard. I'm so tired of the upkeep on it, the fact that it takes up half of my yard and that the weather in Cleveland, rarely makes it possible to use on a regular basis. It just doesn't seem worth the trouble, although my daughter is already lobbying to keep it. I have to give it some more thought but the thought of buying another round of chemicals and a new pool cover have me leaning toward tearing the thing down.

The band thing looks to be dead at this point, I haven't heard from the drummer in a couple weeks, so it looks like if I'm going to do something it would be with a new group. I may start mining the classifieds. I'm just waiting for some things around daily life to settle down and resolve themselves before determining whether or not I have the time to do it. My state of mind continues to flip flop a bit on this, I want to give it a try and succeed at performing with a group for a while, but it has to be the right situation and right time. I guess we'll see what happens.

That's all I've got for now, hope you have a good week.

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