Friday, May 21, 2010

F&%k Texas!!!!

Here we go once again.

The Texas State Board of Education has voted to reduce the curriculum for Social Studies, watering down issues like the civil rights movement, slavery, U.S involvement with the U.N. and the Founding Fathers focus of separation of church and state.

I wouldn't have as much of a problem with this if the idiot Texans wanted to educate their own children that way. If they want to ignore the past and policies that have formed this country, then so be it, let their children be stupid.

Our textbook companies and our software companies typically base their versions of books or software on their largest customer. This is where the problem comes in, due to Texas being such a large state, they wind up being one of the largest customers, hence they dictate what is put in the textbooks.

So due to the small minded agenda driven crusade by the Texas School Board leaders other states who respect the actual history of our nation are forced to utilize these revised textbooks for their classes.

I've never wanted electronic books more.

I understand that I'm ranting a bit and being an alarmist. I know not all textbooks are dictated by Texas or California, but they do affect the content of books delivered to other states. There are alos so many major publishers, while the following list portrays them as elementary school publishers, I'm familiar with a number of them as secondary and college textbook publishers.

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