Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Counseling for the Cleveland Sports fan

I'm guilty of neglecting the blog. I admit it freely. I've been on a bit of a whirlwind trying to get back in my routine with little luck so far. I did want to drop in for a quick update though.

The mood around town is one of sheer panic, as the masses are about to launch themselves off of the tallest points they can find in town. The reason why? Our beloved Cleveland Cavaliers. It seems that over the course of the past couple years, Cavalier fans have forgotten that there is a Cleveland at the beginning of the team name.

They've dared to hope and have become emotionally invested in this team, I can't say I blame them, there has been a strong pull in believing this Lebron Jame's lead team would be different and make us forget things like the The Drive, the Fumble, Red Right 88, the shot, the grounder through Tony Fernandez's legs, or just erase from our memory Michael Jordan, Art Modell, or John Elway completely.

However, as I pointed out this is a Cleveland team and while we don't win championships, we are the champions of creating gut wrenching sports stories of almost and if. It appears we are at that point again. In addition to possibly losing in the semi-finals (badly) we also are faced with the prospect of Lebron James being a free agent and leaving. At this point, I want to open up a phone line and offer support before the whole city follows a similar path of the Heaven's gate cult.

The problem is there is nothing I could say that would help. The Indians stink, the Browns stink, Lebron is likely leaving, and the Cavs are probably going to lose one of the next two. Hell, the only positive we've had in this town for a sports team over the last 20 years was Indoor Soccer and the dominance of the Force. (I can't believe how true that statement is)

I guess my only consolation to long suffering fans, is that this may end fairly quickly and with little drama, the Celtics have outplayed the Cavs throughout the series for the most part and it appears there won't be any last second shot or foul that we have to endure replays of for the next 1 years, it has a chance to end quickly.

It's a small consolation I know, but don't we at least deserve to be put out of our misery quickly if we can't win the whole thing? Of course I'm posting this with potentially two games to go, so if the Cavaliers end this series in a game 7 getting beaten at the buzzer, we won't even have that going for us.

I guess I haven't been much help at all.


Monica said...

Sadly, there's not much that can be said to console any of us. Great post, all the same. Sigh...Cleveland fans do indeed need a support group of some sort. No one should have to go through such hardship alone!

Michael said...

I know, but in truth I think deep down we like the pain, weird I know, but otherwise we'd just jump on another citie's bandwagon.