Thursday, April 8, 2010

Friday Thoughts 4/8/2010

1. The last couple of mornings, I've heard a lot of commotion at about 6 in the morning, which sounds like it's in the room next door (my daughters room) although it's so loud it could be the attic too. Either she's getting up early for her and then going back to sleep, or Anne Frank's family has moved into my attic. I may need to investigate further.

2. I'm in a holding pattern on the new band. Looks like some of the schedules changed for the guys, and we haven't been able to practice since before I had the work trip in March. Hopefully that gets turned around soon, as with the weather, I'm really feeling like I want to get out and play.

3. Easter candy kicks Christmas candy's ass. (except for peeps, which suck)

4. The new regime of the Cleveland Brown's is doing some good things in my opinion. While some of their moves could be questioned (who they chose to replace our quarterbacks). The organization seems focused on building a foundation with the players here. In the past 10 years the team has had one or two good years, and that was a result of having talent shine through for that year, but that talent was first line only and combined with a bad schedule enabled the team to play well. Even when the team has been good since coming back, they've covered some bad players in the starting lineup and had worse behind them on 2nd and 3rd string. Which is why when they are exposed they've been horrible in the years they've been bad. The first order of business for this new front office, was getting 'known talent' in here. At the very least if they are bad, they can start to understand why they are bad from a systematic approach. This organization has been so backward, that it's been impossible to build anything as it's had no foundation since they've been back. The current team seems to understand this and looks to be putting a foundation in place. That's extremely good news for the future.

5. The headline read, President Obama met with President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia. When did Prime Minister Putin start letting President Medvedev do anything presidential? And why do we (i.e the U.S. government) seem to continue to perpetuate the fraud going on over in Russia with their government shell game? I know the reasons why, but if you aren't familiar with any of the above, it's interesting reading on what Prime Minister Putin has been doing over the past couple years, since his term expired for his presidency.

6. We are heading out to the 2nd Annual Burke’s Fan Club for Autism Speaks Fundraiser at the Boneyward tomorrow in Mayfield, should be a great day for a good cause. Here are some of the details for those interested.

7. If you are interested in the Cleveland Arts scene, here's a link you might find interesting The blog is run by an Elementary School friend of mine, that I was able to reconnect with through Facebook.

8. I wasn't impressed with the new rum I got last week. The Ron Matsusalem a 15 year old light rum. I'll give it another try as a straight up rum, but it just didn't work for me. The one thing I really liked is that it's 15 year age had a real velvet texture too it that hugged your tongue when sipping it. I just didn't think there was enough complexity though beyond that. Perhaps it was just a bad night though, so we'll see if a second tasting goes better. Otherwise it's off to the mixer shelf.

9. The old adage on Cleveland weather is holding true this week. Don't like the weather, 'wait a minute'. 80 degrees on Wednesday and snowing as I write this. At least it's interesting.

10. I finally got my watch battery replaced this week. I had been to two Fossil stores and 6 different people couldn't get the back off the watch. I finally went to a mall kiosk, and the owner of the kiosk popped it off in 10 seconds and replaced it. Thankfully it was an independent operation and he didn't care whether "I bought the watch there". The kiosk owner who opened it, said "the others should work out a bit more" as it was just a matter or twisting it harder. Very happy to have it replaced though, as I had been missing the watch when I travel, and it's one of the few I've been able to keep in great shape.

Have a great weekend!

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