Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Thoughts 4/30/2010

Here's another edition of my meanderings.

1. There seems to be a 24 hour stomach flu going around, when I got home on Wednesday, my daughter had it and knocked her out pretty good. I'm definitely in the first stages of it today, yech, such a fun thing for the weekend.

2. I hate the Denver airport. For my connecting flight last Thursday, I had 35 minutes in between flights, in which I needed to go 60 gates. What was worse, was that they had to department check my carry-on which meant I lost about 10 minutes there too. I may work out a bit, but I'm in no shape to do the O.J. Simpson charge through the airport after sitting for 4 hours and working all day.

3. Upon arriving home from vacation this week, I found out I had an interview for a new job on Wednesday, it went well considering I had no time to prepare. The good news is it appears I made it to round two of the interview process. If I do get the job it will mean travelling again for work.

4. I'm cutting it short this week for the first time ever I believe, this illness is beginning to take it's toll and for the first time in a long time, I don't have a lot on my mind to rant about.

Have a good weekend, and consider my house quarantined for a week.


wendy said...

We had the same stomach bug-- horrible to say the least. I hope you're feeling better. Great news about the possible new job! How was vaca?

Michael said...

Thanks, yes bug was definitely unwelcome, vaca was good, got the most out of it.