Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Thoughts 4/2/2010

Back to something with a bit more levity to it. This week's edition of Friday thoughts.

1. We are in the middle of a wonderful three days of weather here in Cleveland, 80 degrees, nice breeze and plenty of sun. It still didn't seem like summertime though until I was sitting on my porch and could here by hillbilly neighbor screaming and yelling inside of his house. Ah, life in the suburbs. For a bit more info on my neighbor, you can read my thoughts here:

2. I had a very nice birthday, if you couldn't tell, I'm not a huge fan of 'celebrating' birthdays, but had a nice dinner and got to spend time with family and friends over the last couple days, a very enjoyable experience.

3. I gave into my desires and bought a new computer this week. I wound up finding a great deal at Best Buy, and I highly recommend their Best purchase and then pickup in store as it went flawless. They are also offering an 18 months no interest plan at the moment, so even if I don't wind up paying for it this month or next is a nice option to have, as the system itself was a steal in my opinion.

4. Even as a 'computer' guy it's extremely rare for me to buy a new computer, I can only think of 2 other instances in the last 15 years, otherwise I tend to upgrade the ones I have until I've exhausted their use, or build one from scratch. Building one from scratch used to be a much better value, but it seems right now that prebuilt systems have caught up with that.

5. I have a new bottle of rum, I'm eager to try out tonight. It's Ron Matsusalem a 15 year old light rum, hopefully it compares with the Oronoco, which has been my favorite rum lately.

6. The workout streak is alive and well, I've been killing it for the past three weeks, up to 14 visits in that time with a target goal of 12. The extra sessions were necessary due my horrendous eating habits over the last week.

7. Looking forward to some bike rides down in the Valley on the trails tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully the weather holds as I'd love to go Sunday too.

8. The only thing I'll miss about cold weather is eating soup, it just doesn't work as well in warm weather.

9. The case of Al Snyder vs the wacko Baptist church is an interesting one, google it if you aren't familiar. If there was one way to get all groups of people to pull together and rally against a group, they figured it out. It does make you wonder how leaders like this (from the Baptist church) not only come up with their views but how they gain followers as well.

10. After whiffing on my predictions last year for baseball, I hope to have this year's predictions up over the next couple of days. The only advice I can give with them, is if you are betting, choose the opposite of what I picked.

I hope the weather has warmed up for wherever you are and have a great weekend.

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