Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Thoughts 4/16/2010

Here's my version of micro-blogging for the week.

1. My daughter for the first time ever this week has managed to annoy me at times. I have mixed emotions on this phenomena. On one hand, I'm proud that she's maturing, and although some of the annoyances have been unintentional, some of it's been pre-meditated. On the other hand there is the whole annoyance thing, which I'm not thrilled about, but I'll just have to adjust to her skills.

2. Watching the first week and a half of the Indian's baseball season, this quote from "Major League" springs to mind "They are still shitty"

3. I finally broke down and packed up a ton of clothes from my dressers and closet the other day. I have a horrible habit of refusing to throw clothes out unless they are way past the point most others would discard them. I also hate packing clothes up, as even though I don't wear them, I always think I might under the right circumstance. Actually packing a container full of clothes is 'life progress' on some levels.

4. Imagine walking out of the house at night and seeing a huge fireball in the sky followed by multiple sonic booms.

5. I'm glad to see Courtney Love has not managed to fall of the money train, that was her deceased husband's career. . And for those that don't know Courtney killed Kurt.

6. If you are thinking this version of Friday Thoughts seems very link heavy and it's due to me not having a lot on my mind, you wouldn't be mistaken.

7. I'm still amazed at what TV networks (cable and standard) will put on the air. My wife's surfing landed on the 650lb virgin this week, they follow around a man who's lost a ton of weight and show him on dates. In addition, they continuously show shots of him without a shirt prior to plastic surgery to reduce the excess skin. Try as I may to continue focusing on the laptop, my eyes would catch a side view and I'd have to look up. I think I need to bleach my eyes now, as it was that disturbing. . I understand this maybe insensitive and I don't mean it to be, I'm very happy for the man that he's managed to lose the weight and is acclimating himself to society again. I just think that it's garbage TV.

8. Congrats to my brother who is on his 5th or 6th week of starting a workout program, it's going very well for him and I'm very proud of the progress he's making.

9. After my post on Wednesday, I finally settled into my routine on Thursday, much too late in the week for that. It's fascinating to me how structured our lives become. I'm sure it's not that way for everybody, but I do think it becomes much more common as we get older.

10. I've decided to try and do a 1000 mile challenge for the summer. That is 1000 miles on my bike. That would equate to 100 trips, as I do 10 mile trips and have a great section in Valley View that I ride through for exactly 10 miles. To date I'm up to 30 miles over three weeks and that's low only because there have only been about 3 good days for biking so far. I'll post updates as we go through the summer.

No Friday thoughts for next week, and it's likely to be a light posting week for about 2 weeks, as I have some vacation coming up and in getting things ready at work, will likely have little time to get something down. Have a good couple of weeks!

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