Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thoughts for a Tuesday

Well I'm successfully applying my addictive personality back to working out. I forgot how good it makes you feel. I'm also happy to report that my brother has started up on his own gym regime and I'm extremely proud of him, as he's seeing results right away.

For those keeping score on my addictive traits, the tally is now Good habits: 1 Bad habits: a bazillion

I'm in a bit of a rant mode today, so I'll share it with you. First thing I read this morning was this article. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ynews/ynews_ts1253 The article is about the Texas school board deciding on how to 'interpret' history. This has a fairly large impact on other districts, due to the fact that Texas is the number one purchaser from many of the publishing companies, and much like computer programs, who that buys the most gets to direct functionality.

I don't even know where to begin in bitching about this, there are so many issues to rant about I'm almost speechless. I said almost though, not entirely. If there was ever a time I would throw my support behind electronic books, it would be now. I'm not a fan of what the publishing companies do to regularly try and maintain revenue on a per year basis (ask anyone in college, that has seen chapters flip flopped in order to call it a 'new version'). So if there is one industry I'd like to see turned on it's head, I'd have no problem if it was the textbook industry.

Coincidentally by moving to e-books, it makes agenda driven groups like the Texas school board far less relevant in the scheme of things. I've reviewed the points that they are proposing changing and I just don't have the energy to spend criticizing them. I will remark on one though, attempting to minimize Thomas Jefferson is just plain stupid.

Since I'm in a rant mode, I might as well discuss St. Patrick's day. The one time of year the Irish and everyone pretending to be Irish drink like Scotsmen. The unfortunate outcome is they usually wind up laid out on the floor because of it though. Maybe it's the fact that St. Patrick's day has has turned into nothing more then a beer company holiday, much like our greeting card holidays. Needless to say, I won't be going to the parade. I will try and placate the wife who enjoys the holiday though (based on her Irish ancestry), and cook up some corned beef, I might even dye her beer green.

Enough ranting, here's a nice little "Dad" tidbit I got from my mother the other day.

Mom: "Son, do you know what your daughter told me last week?"

Me: "Oh know, what now?"

Mom: "She told me that when her daddy takes her to tumble class, he knows I get hungry afterward, so he always brings me a snack and something to drink for the ride home" "isn't that so sweet of her, don't ever stop taking her the snack and juice, she'll always remember that"

Me: "thanks Mom, I'll remember that"

And I can assure you I won't be changing that habit any time soon.

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