Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Thoughts 3/26/2010

It's been a crazy work week, the weather has started to break and I've been getting outside a bit ton enjoy some sunshine and I've been heading to the gym everyday. If you put all of those together it makes it difficult to find any time to write.

I also flamed out in trying to write up a large post this week on a topic, I really wasn't prepared to cover, so for the time being it will reside in draft mode. So, if you were looking for a reason for lack of updates, there they are, having said that, here we go with the Friday thoughts.

1. I'm turning 37 next week. My thoughts are stuck between, "hey it's cool, I don't feel that old" and "Holy f*ck dude, 37 is old, how the hell did we make it here?"

2. I've successfully made it through 8 of the 24 workout sessions I want to get through before I head out on another trip in April. I'm right at the 4 a week mark, with 4 weeks to go.

3. I can't wait for it to warm up a bit more and get the bike out and hit the trails. I deeply miss hitting the bike trail at 6 in the morning with the ipod cranking away. So peaceful.

4. On the healthcare bill. If there's one issue in the past 5 years that scares me more then anything, its the fact that it's more and more obvious people take their opinions from talking heads and radio hosts. Holy shit, if I hear one more parroted response from either side I think my head is going to explode.

5. Here's what I 'know' about the Healthcare bill. There are two reasons it's impossible to know at this point whether it's going to suck or whether it's going to be great. It's far too large a bill too understand all of what it affects and due to many of the implementations not happening immediately and being phased in, there are likely to be adaptations to the bill before some of those things come up.

6. My guess on the healthcare bill, it falls somewhere in the middle of being good and being bad. . Sort of like a ton of other policies that have been implemented and met with media rhetoric from both sides. (Patriot act or No Child Left Behind, ring a bell).

7. If you post a status on your facebook or Twitter account, that says something along the lines "Oh my god, I told you socialism is taking over", "Finally, healthcare for all", or any other social commentary nonsense that shows you have no understanding of the complexity of the system or topic you are talking about, deep down there's a part of me that will think you are an idiot.

8. Advice for all of the parrots out there, never be afraid to form your own opinion, it's ok to think about the issues and learn about them yourselves. Remember that everyone has an agenda or bias (EVERYONE). By understanding their bias or agenda, it can help you filter the message and let you take the next step which is learning about something on your own and making opinions for yourself rather then what's given to you.

9. I'm done ranting for a bit now, but in case you weren't aware, my one weakness is I cannot suffer fools.

10. Celebrating my birthday tomorrow night, making a return to Streetsboro to hang out. Not exactly my first choice, but it will do. I'm hoping to enjoy some quality rum and a cigar at home before getting out to the bar. I'm thinking it's a good weekend to get a nice buzz from some of the really good stuff. I look forward to seeing all who are able to make it out, and if I haven't dropped you a line about it, send me a text or email and I'll get you the details if you want to come out.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend.

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