Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friday Thoughts 3/18/2010

Wow, my 200th post, I suppose that's some type of milestone.

I'm definitely getting back into the mindset of thinking about things to write about, I just have to decide what I can write about from day to day life and how to write certain things. I know it's vague, but it's the difference between opening up completely or continuing to keep certain parts of life private.

1. Warm, sunny weather has arrived, for all of my bitching about daylight savings time, having sunshine after work was awesome this week. I remember how much the class snickered in college at the mention of Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) but tell me that people aren't happier in the sun.

2. I'd like to thank Southwest for some ridiculously bad service involving my checked bag they damaged on my trip last week. Upon arriving home I discovered they had punctured the bag. I decided to report it the next day rather then that night, of course after 6 days they got back to my inquiry into it and advised there was nothing they could do, because it wasn't reported within four hours of landing time. I understand the need for policies, but a good faith effort from a customer with a report within 24 hours of landing, doesn't seem difficult for a company to manage. I suppose their new slogan can be "Your bags fly free, but you will pay for it, anyway." To add salt to the wound, the suitcase was brand new. This one maybe salvageable, if not it would be my third bag that didn't survive travel over 5-6 or 6 trips over the last year. Do they make bags from Kevlar?

3. I'm getting close to writing up a post with my thoughts on religion and everyday life. I was in the right mood this week, just didn't have the time. Thankfully I don't think there are a ton that read this blog that I know otherwise, I'd probably upset some people with my views.

4. Within the next month or two, I'm going to invest in some electric cigarettes. I like them as an alternative and think it will work for me. We'll see what happens.

5. I'm not typically a conspiracy theorist, but I've been amazed at the amount of contrails/chemtrails in the sky over the city of Cleveland in the past month. At dawn this morning, the sky was filled with them. Not exactly sure what they are, I don't necessarily agree with the theorists that they are chemical trails, but if they are what the government claims contrails from jet exhaust, that's a hell of a lot of night time activity.

6. Random interesting fact while looking over chemtrail information on Wikipedia. Voyager 1 and 2 launched in 1977 and will run out of power in 2025. If you think about how far they've travelled based on the technology of 1977 it's rather incredible.

7. I've been thinking about scientific discoveries or confirmations in my lifetime lately. Not accounting for things that technology produced or became mainstream (i.e Internet, digital video recording), the last Friday thoughts are going to focus on these. (because I've ran out of other things to put down)

8. Science believed that dinosaurs had evolved from reptiles and were grey in color, as opposed to the theory that they shared more in common with birds and were very colorful.

9. The big bang theory was known, but it wasn't the prevailing theory on the creation of the universe that it is today.

10. Planets had never been confirmed in other solar systems.


Monica said...

Congrats on your 200th post! That's an incredible achievement--keep 'em coming!

Michael said...

Thanks, now if I could only continue to find things to write about :)