Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend recap

I'm finally getting over this damn cold. I can't believe I've been sick for 8 days straight. Sunday night I swear I was getting a fever on top of all of the sickness for the last week, but luckily I woke up today and feel much better. This has to be one of the worst colds I've ever experienced and I won't miss it.

It's still cold here and I'm starting to worry about my replacement gutters, as I see another ice dam building up on the back of the house. I'm hoping they stay up long enough for me to actually pay for the 1st replacement, which I haven't got to yet.

The weekend seems to have flown by, I spent the majority of Saturday catching up on grocery/household shopping, that I've avoided for the last couple weeks. I also exposed Bronwyn to her first Valentine's day Malley's experience. For those that aren't familiar with Cleveland, Malley's is a family run Cleveland based chocolate institution. If you are planning to buy high end chocolates for a holiday, you are likely heading to Malley's. For Valentine's day, Malley's has chocolate covered strawberries. These are extremely perishable, so they are only available 1 or 2 days before the holiday. They are very popular though, at their flagship store, they run makeshift drive through windows for purchases over the holiday weekend. There were about 30 cars in line for the 6 drive through windows on Saturday. At $16 bucks a box ($25 for two boxes) they aren't cheap, but I have to say they are pretty good, and I don't particularly like chocolate covered strawberries.

Sunday we went sledding at the Metroparks hill off of Memphis avenue. I spent a lot of time here as a kid, and in my opinion it's one of the best hills in the Cleveland area for sledding. It was Bronwyn's first sledding experience outside of Grandma's drive way and to say she was excited would be an understatement. I think she had as much fun falling down on the climb back up the hill as she did going down.

The sledding experience ended on a bit of a bad note, as Bronwyn kept asking to sled by herself rather then ride with us, after the first time down where she fell off and got snow on her face, she managed to make it down 3-4 times solo and did very well. I decided that was enough as she was getting tired and I was worried she wouldn't be able to hold on as well, so we resumed her riding with either the wife or me. Well the last sled run, I decided to let her go one more time by herself as I rode down next to her and sure enough she had a crash. She did a full face plant in the snow and considering her huge cheeks were already red from the cold, let's just it stung a bit. Upon arriving home and once the redness from the cold wore off, we could see she got a nice little raspberry on her cheek from the face plant. A total trooper though, she's been telling me that it doesn't hurt, it's just a bit red. The funniest part of the whole ordeal was when she was crying and I told her to just shake it off, as tears poured down her face, she asked me "How do I shake it off?" In moments like that I sometimes forget that as a four year old she doesn't understand what I'm trying to suggest. I suppose that's one of the things that separates Mommies and Daddies from dealing with little ones though.


Monica said...

Love the sledding story! Ah, the Metroparks, such a perfect place.

Michael said...

Thanks, too true, the best part is it was only mildly busy. I've been there some days where you felt like you were at Disneyland waiting for people to move.