Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Midweek update

Not much going on this week besides trying to stay warm and dry.  I am thinking of renting a pick up truck, borrowing a hunting rifle and taking a quick roadtrip down to Punxsutawney to visit the little rodent who predicted 6 more weeks of winter.  I've found as I've gotten older I buy into this weird superstition.  I'm sure it's directly related to my dislike of the cold snowy winter.

Last weekend was really fun, one of my good friends and his wife came over and we had a ridiculous amount of food and drink while we played games.  We always have a great time with them and I wish we could do it with more couples. Unfortunately, couples compatibility is an interesting quirk of relationships and it doesn't always work the way you hope.  I am amazed at how difficult it can be to put 4 people in a room and have them enjoy each other's company. 

We've been dealing with Bronwyn having a cold and cough this week.  It's a fairly nasty virus and I hate seeing her suffer through it.  There isn't a lot we can do except to let it pass through the system.  Its times like these that you really feel for parents who have to endure children with serious illnesses.  I find it painful watching my girl suffer through a basic cold. I can't fathom how I'd handle something serious. 

I've been thinking about the pursuit of singing for a band and have some thoughts to post next week once I get them organized in my head.  Until then though, hope you have a good week!


wendy said...

i hear you on the rodent issue. I can't even begin to complain because you Clevelanders really do get the worst of it... wow, how sad that I wanted to say something else, but am completely blanking right now. Crap. Oh, the compatibility of couples. I'm actually saving a whole chapter on this if I should ever write a book. V. true.

Michael said...

I suppose the weather issue isn't the worse thing in the world working from home, but it just means I want to go out even less. Looking forward to that book and that chapter. I took the easy way out and did a paragraph, rather then a long post. It would have been all over the place.