Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Thoughts 2/5/10

It's definitely a week for a top 10 list. Hopefully something you find interesting.

1. . Wow, it wasn't enough that she drove HP into the ground, she's now running for Senate and managed to start a bit of buzz with one of her campaign's first attack ads. Carly Fiorinas off to a great start isn't she? I'm not particularly fond of video on the web, but words could not describe this piece. (See #2 and blog post below this one)

2. YouTube has removed the HTML language used to embed video directly into a post. This sucks on so many levels. They've added the functionality to allow you to send a direct post to your blog, but it comes in as a separate blog entry, so if you'd like to see the Fiorina video, it's the blog entry previous to this one or you can click on this link:

3. I'm headed to a band 'jam' session tonight. I'm not entirely sure what that means besides getting together with some people and playing music. The drummer from my former band invited me out. I anticipate this is sort of a soft audition for a new project. We'll see how it goes. I have a ton of thoughts related to continuing pursuit of singing for a band, but I'm waiting to see how things develop before I start talking about it more.

4. I'll admit I'm looking forward to the Winter Olympics. I prefer them to the Summer Olympics. They just seem better suited for TV and my interests. It doesn't hurt that they are on in Winter when I'm already stuck inside.

5. It is tax time once again. Since my wife substitutes at a number of school districts it means I get to try and determine which ones we should be expecting W2s from. There is one district/organization that consistently sends theirs out at the last minute. The problem is we don't know whether she actually worked for them in the calendar year of 2009, or stopped taking assignments from them in December of 2008. It doesn't help that they don't return her calls. Based on their answering machine message it's due to the fact that they are overwhelmed with requests to find out when they mailed the damn W2s out anyway. Here's a tip for them, mail them out earlier and you wont' be overwhelmed with requests to find out where they are. Idiots.

6. I'm a big movie fan, I've resisted the trend of signing up with Netflix, as I'm not fond of trying to plan out my movie watching in advance and the idea of waiting 2-3 days for a movie I want to watch seems ridiculous to me. However, the store I rent from has seen their inventory dwindle more and more due to services like Netflix, which means it's getting to the point where I'll have no choice but to subscribe.

7. Before I do subscribe to Netflix, I need to take a couple weeks and rent all the stuff I haven't seen at the video store. I didn't realize it, but there are a ton of new movies that I haven't seen and I actually wanted to see. I can't remember the last time I saw a bunch of movies at the video store, where I actually had to 'decide' on what to rent, vs taking the lesser of evils.

8. Here's a bit of sharing on how much of a nerd I can be. I downloaded two songs to Itunes this week that were from an animated film from my childhood. Without cheating and looking up the songs and artist, can you guess what movie? The songs are "Dare" and "You Got the Touch" by Stan Bush. (side note: childhood is probably a bit of a stretch here to use, as the movie came around 1985, which put me smack into preteens at 12-13. Then again I was a fairly late bloomer)

9. I'm having food issues lately. All I want to do is throw restraint out the window. What I mean by this is I tend to try and keep a healthy eating profile. The wife and I mix in a fair amount of low fat meals with our indulgent ones. Lately all I've been thinking about is the indulgent ones, especially if I think about cooking for the weekend. (Deep dish pizza, chocolate chip cookies, fried chicken, you get the idea). In my mind right now, if it's not indulgent, it's going to taste like crap. I'm not sure why I'm feeling like this, but I suspect that being cooped up in the house has caused my dopamine levels to fall and I'm looking for excitement in any form I can get it.

10. I received an email from Travelocity last week, asking me to rate my cruise that I was supposed to have returned from at the end of January. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound. I booked a cruise back in October for a great price, that we were unable to go on and while I got a full refund from the cruise, Travelocity didn't cancel their reference of the reservation, which is why I got the email. Thank you Travelocity for reminding me that I could have been spending a week in January on beaches across the Caribbean.

Have a great weekend and indulge in something ridiculously absurd for me.

*Edit* Since Facebook share function isn't working at the moment and I haven't given much thought to how this would play out as a post anyway, I'm adding a number 11 this week.

11. Article on middle class 'homelessness'

Things like this make me wish we weren't caught up in an ideological/political game of pointing fingers. Real problems continue while everyone yells louder that the other person is wrong. It's easy to blame the politician's, but it starts with us, elevate your rhetoric when discussing issues and others may as well.

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