Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Thoughts 2/25/10

I've been thinking about basic life lessons this week. The things they do and don't teach you in kindergarten. In putting the list together though, I couldn't commit to either the do's or don'ts so I'm just going to call this my Friday Thoughts Kindergarten edition.

1. It's very hard to take something back. Apologies only go so far.

2. Life's hard, get used to it.

3. Momentum is a powerful force in science. It's that way in life as well, remember to always try and move forward in life, it doesn't always mean you need to take an action immediately, but it does mean you have to make the decisions on when to take the actions.

4. Focus is a powerful tool and one that many people don't develop. Focus allows you to channel your skills and energy, it also enables you to utilize skills from traits that might be considered negative. (addictive nature, obsessive)

5. If you want to be good at something, there is usually more then one way to achieve it.

6. Learning to learn maybe the most important thing you can ever do.

7. The ironic thing about complexity, is that it's fairly simple to deal with, either embrace it or ignore it. Those that get caught somewhere in the middle tend to be paralyzed by it.

8. Understanding that the concepts of Good and Evil are based more on perception then reality is a good first step to understanding others.

9. Surround yourself with people you love and who care about you.

10. Fear is something people will try and use against you all your life. Whether it's in day to day life, on the news, or your own thoughts. Don't be afraid to confront it.

I realized as I got half way through typing the list that this wasn't about reminiscing about life lessons. This is my plan for the things I want to share with Bronwyn. For those of you reading, I hope you enjoy. For Bronwyn, if you stumble upon this someday, I hope you find something useful here and I love you.


Monica said...

This is quite sweet--great post!

Michael said...

Thank you, it was nice to break up the Friday rant format.

wendy said...

Well said dad!

Michael said...

Thank you, I wonder if I'll ever get use to that name referring to me 'dad'. Still seems very surreal.