Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Thoughts 2/19/10

Here's what's on my mind for the past week.

1. My dog's ill, he's got a urinary tract infection, poor little guy. Even thought he vet. thought it was a pretty bad infection, the good news is he seems to be going around with a little more energy after only two days on his medicine.

2. I've been talking about it for a week and a half, but we are finally going to 'Melt Bar and Grill' tomorrow in Lakewood for dinner. Now if I can only decide what to order. I'm leaning toward the Tuna melt or Big Bopper, just trying to justify eating a fried sandwich filled with cream cheese and jalapeno as my dinner. I'll definitely have some thoughts to write up next week.

3. I managed to do minimal cooking for the week, thanks to a very large pork shoulder I slow cooked on Saturday. It turned out to be extremely versatile and lent itself to 5 meals. The pork courses for the week, pulled pork sandwiches with mac and cheese, stir fried pork with rice, and cuban sandwiches with pierogis. I'm a huge proponent for making something large over the weekend and getting the most use out of it for the week, but by far, this is the most success I've ever had. Considering the roast was about $5 on sale and we were able to get such a variety of dinners on it, it's going into the rotation for sure.

4. I'm going to post my self-critique of the demo songs on Monday. I wanted to see what type of feedback I got on the posting of the songs. (from yesterday or here: Demo Songs post)

5. I mentioned last week, that I was fighting a cold for a week. On Monday I thought it was over, but in truth I'm still feeling some lingering affects about 2 weeks in. I think we are finally at the tail end of it though, but I'm hesitant to say anything and jinx myself. Hopefully you are able to avoid this one.

6. I'll go out on a limb and make a prediction. There is no way that Howard Stern steps into the judges role on Idol. Howard Stern and Idol talk. Stern's not the type to jump into something on it's downward spiral and as much as his presence would boost ratings, Idol is on the downward swing. I also can't see the Idol people giving up as much creative control as Stern would want, which means it would be essentially the same show with Stern as a judge over Cowell, not a recipe for success in my opinion.

7. I mentioned in a previous "Friday Thoughts" post that I was looking forward to the Winter Olympics. That excitement appears to have been tempered, as I haven't watched a single minute of coverage.

8. The only things I'm watching right now are: Men of a Certain Age, Fringe, Lost, Shark Tank, and an occasional American Idol night, and a yet to be determined fascination with Discovery channel's Pawn Stars.

9. Pawn Stars is like Antique Road show mixed with American Choppers. I sort of dig the history aspect of the show, but the 'pawn shop' setting means that we aren't watching appraisals of quilts for 80% of the show. The family interaction is a lot of fun as well and I like seeing some of the unusual things they buy and restore. (i.e. a crashed helicopter, which doesn't exactly fall into the antiques category)

10. 14 days until I'm out of the home office for some work on the road. It's a much needed change of pace.

Have a great weekend!


poiseinparma said...

Re: Melt: just prepping you - last time I went on a Saturday night, I waited 2.5 hours for a table, then the kitchen was backed up. Didn't eat dinner until almost 10PM. Wasn't even hungry by then.

Saying that, I love the place and will continue to wait ridiculous amount of time in their underutilized space. The Big Popper is rockin'. I haven't had the Tuna, but am planning on trying it since seeing the triple D episode.

...and if you are a brussels sprouts fan, try them if they have them. RIDICULOUSLY good stuff.

Michael said...

Ugh, 2.5 hours I was expecting a wait, but I definitely think we'll have to try and get there very early. I might have to try the brussel sprouts, I'm not a fan, but have heard theirs are very good. Can't wait until the new Melt location opens up this spring. Thanks for the heads up though.