Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Thoughts 2/12/10

It has been a crummy week. Snow and sick do not make for a fun combination. To say I've been grumpy would be a bit of an understatement. I've avoided writing for the week outside of my last rant. I'm not thrilled with the tone of my writing when I'm in a mood like this, so I thought it would be better to just skip it. Friday thoughts are another thing entirely though and a hopefully a good way to break out of my mood.

1. Little known fact: I'm blind as a bat. I've had corrective lenses since I was a kid. Once I got contact lenses you'd be hard pressed to ever see me in glasses. Working from home I wear my glasses constantly though, the mix of dry air in the house and staring at a computer screen all day almost requires it. Sadly my glasses I've had for the last 6 years broke this week. Which means I have to go get another eye exam and get another pair. As if I needed something else to irritate me this week.

2. I finally have a copy of the demo songs I did for the band. As soon as I figure out a way to get them posted, I will. (the blog software isn't real keen on .mp3 or .wav files, although it likes video files fine, sigh).

3. It's nice to have my cheerful little girl back, I didn't realize until she had a long nap yesterday, that she becomes uber-grumpy like me when sick. She woke up and seemed to have finally kicked the bug and I could immediately see the change in attitude. Still learning this parent thing.

4. I've came to the realization last weekend that I have a very serious addictive personality. The good news is it's utilized correctly about 80% of the time, the other 20% not so well. Thinking of writing up some more thoughts on this sometime.

5. I was watching Diners, Drive ins, and Dives on Food Network this week and caught the episode with "Melt" in Lakewood. It's at the top of my next 'want to try list' I swear in the five minute segment I came across three sandwiches I'd want if I went there. I'd go tonight for takeout, but I fear that the drive home with the food would make for some soggy sandwiches.

6. I've been trying some new higher end rums lately. My current favorite is a rum out of Brazil called Orocono. Nice sipping rum with little burn.

7. I'm thinking of taking a trip around town with some of the tax return dollars to try and find some higher end vodkas and rums for the liquor cabinet. Unfortunately the selection around town stinks though, and it doesn't help that the 'high end' market for rum and vodka is not a match for the scotch.

8. Another little known fact: I came very close to skipping/turning down my initial job interview for my current company. I've now been with them 10+ years. When they called for an interview the description of the position was very different from what I had been told by the person who suggested I apply. It's funny how things work out sometimes and also reminds me that my instincts sometimes stink.

9. If the Indians make one move this off-season it should be signing Jermaine Dye. They need a right handed bat for their lineup. Dye is a veteran that they should be able to sign for 1 or 2 years at a fairly reasonable salary and he would provide some veteran presence to a lineup that needs it.

10. Staying on the baseball subject. I'm still amazed that the Indians have not done anymore Winterfests. In conjunction with moving into Jacob's Field in the 90's and starting their sell out streak. The Indians put on a Winterfest at one of the hotels ballrooms downtown. It was basically a collection of seminars, autograph signing, collectibles, and indoor baseball booths for fans to attend. From what I remember it was well attended and it was a great way to keep interest in the winter for the team and a great way to spend a Saturday in Cleveland. I know that the Indians became a winning baseball team in the 90's which spurred their popularity, but I still believe Winterfest and moving their spring training site to Florida rather then Arizona was a key step in making the team more popular. Of course they now have moved back to Arizona for spring training, which I think is a mistake as well.

Have a great Valentine's Day weekend.

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