Sunday, January 17, 2010

Let's just forget about that week

This has not been one of my better weeks, as I mentioned on Friday, it was already shaping up to be pretty bad.  Let me  recap and add some things that I forgot about.

1. Possibly getting the boot from the band.  Not much more to mention on this at this time.

2. Gutter on back of house collapsing due to ice dam, knocking the full gutter off, killing Mr. Turtle (the sandbox), and knocking down cable and phone wires.

3. New stuff I forgot to add.  Last week, I noticed a smell starting in the car.  Not just a smell mind you, rather a make your eyes water, make you want to flee, something is dead kind of smell.  At first I thought perhaps that some grocery meat had fallen out in the trunk and started rotting, upon searching the trunk I found nothing.  Searched the interior of the car and while I could find the occasional french fry that the daughter had dropped, I could find no source of the smell.  By that point, let's just say that it was getting beyond; something smells kind of bad.

My guess at that point was a mouse had crawled under the hood to be by the warm engine and died.  Upon searching under the hood I found nothing.  I began to worry, that maybe said rodent had gotten into the heat ducts somehow or under an area of the dashboard from under the hood, where I couldn't find him.  I decided to take the car to the car wash for a power under washing. 

Luckily it is a new year, and I needed to do my manly deed for the year to renew my man card.  While I know us men folk have our faults,  I also know that dealing with a rotting smell in the car, falls directly under my gender's responsibilities.  So I endured the 10 minute carwash with rolled up windows in that stench.

Unfortunately, it did not solve the problem.  So on Saturday I decided I had to solve the problem.  I pulled everything out of the car and gave it a relentless cleaning.  I wanted to ensure that there was no way I overlooked a bag of food or something that I missed was the cause of it.  Starting with the trunk, I went through with a fine tooth comb and cleaned the car all the way to the front.  Upon getting to the front and taking out the floor mats, I noticed, that the stench had dissipated immensely.  So I gave the sniff test to each mat and sure enough the passenger met reeked.  Theories range from a resourceful rodent had in fact come into the car from the front, possibly searching for the spoils of a 4 year old and said rodent decided to relieve itself on that mat.  Or possibly a beverage spill from earlier that wasn't quite cleaned up.  My wife had spilled a latté but had cleaned it up and given the degree of the stench and that this was weeks before, I don't think it was a latté.  One last gross update on a gross topic, I'm fairly confident now it was a rodent. The garbage can where I placed the mat was sprayed with cat urine the night after I put it there. Either a cat had decided to match the marking of an area, or it was so utterly defended by the stench that it just had to piss on it. Lovely. 

At least, I no longer have to think I have a dead rodent lingering in the car somewhere out of site. While this was a disturbing situation, in the end I'm pretty happy that it's resolved.  There are days I wish we had to drive our cars more, since we don't use them a lot they tend to sit in the garage making them fairly susceptible to rodents if they wanted to get in.

4.  Back to my list of crap for the week, Trojan horse virus on my wife's netbook.  By far the meanest, pain in the ass piece of malicious software I've ever seen.  I spent 3 hours late Saturday night trying to resolve it with no luck.  I came back and fought it for about 5 hours Sunday morning, before deciding to just give up, back up the system and restore it.  Upon trying to restore the system to the backup I had created or to the factory original settings, I come to find that the backup program that Lenovo installs for the system out of the factory was in fact not installed properly.  A quick call to their 'support team' and I find myself needing to send it back to them for re-imaging tomorrow.  What a pain in the ass. I guess the optimist in me is sort of happy, that this was discovered before the warranty expired, (30 days left).  But I'm not really in the mood to be optimistic this week.  Besides, there are ways I could have re-imaged it, if necessary without sending it back, but I would have had to buy some hardware and spent another 3-4 hours doing so, which I just don't feel like doing.

5. And my last, this sucked moment of the week, off to the store this evening to pick up some supplies for the week, and during my drive home, I hit a massive pothole on Warner Rd.  The kind of pothole that you hit and immediately yell 'oh shit'.  As I stopped at the light at the top of the hill, I started to hear 'sounds' from the wheel well.  I took a quick look at the area and it appears it might just be a plastic covering that was knocked loose.  I'm cautiously optimistic that it's just that and not something more serious.  After the gutter repairs, the new car payment this month, and the first winter gas bill, a car repair bill would just be icing on the cake.

It seems my luck for the week has extended to those I know as well, my borther's gutter fell off on Friday night.  His gutters are all connected, so they cannot replace just one of them, they have to do them all.  

I also found out that some friends were out at a local bar last Thursday night.  Their luck for the week, being witness to a multiple stabbing attack.

I'm now putting this week to rest and to think I didn't break a finger or anything while typing this up.

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