Monday, January 4, 2010

Happiness judged by grip of a hug

Happy New Year to everyone, hope you had a wonderful extended weekend. We are getting pounded on by snow here in Northeast Ohio, I've already been out this morning and removed the first covering and am set to follow that up early this afternoon.

The last two days have seen what seems like a constant downpour of snow, par for the course for this time of year, but still a bit depressing. Combine that with single digit temperatures from wind chill and it's meant a weekend inside for the whole family. There only seems to be one problem with that though, a stir crazy four year old will wear your ass out quicker then step aerobics or any other exercise you can think of.

After trying to entertain the little one Saturday, we decided that even with the cold we needed to take her outside to burn off some of that energy while we shoveled the driveway.

The snow that was falling was perfect for skiing a light dry powder. Unfortunately that meant it wasn't useful for snowman building or snowballs, two of my daughters favorite things.

So I grabbed a sled and used some twine/rope to make an impromptu harness to drag Bronwyn around the yard. So I accomplished two things, I got some much needed exercise and entertained Bronwyn at the same time.

We weren't able to stay out long due to the temperatures, but we managed to smooth down both the front and backyard with a sled path.

My wife headed in with the little one in order to make some hot chocolate, while I finished up some snow removal. Upon getting in and getting un-layered, Bronwyn ran in from the dining room and gave me (actually my leg, as I wasn't prepared for it) a huge hug, one of those that come out of nowhere and always catch you a bit off balance (usually because you think they might be up to something :) ). I asked what the hug was for and she said it was for taking her sledding outside.

I wish I could describe the feeling of that hug, let me just say it's one of those perfect moments. The funny part is, I was thinking as I came in that I was sort of thankful that Bronwyn was able to help me see things through her eyes and ignore the cold and snow and all the things adults hate about this weather.


wendy said...

it is a wonderful feeling when our children remind us who we used to be : ) So great...

Michael said...

So true, I'm back to hating the cold and snow though, ugh.