Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday thoughts (January 22, 2010)

Let's see if I can come up with an interesting list for the week.

1. I'm fascinated by Social media and Social Psychology overall, the more and more I see social technology in play though, the more I wonder whether it can ever truly be 'effective'.  I have some more thoughts on this, just have to find some time to post on it.

2. I need to get away, whether it's for work or vacation, I need to get out of this house for a couple days and soon.  Combine the weather with working from home and it doesn't take long for your home office to feel like a prison cell.

3. Don't buy a new car in the winter (in Ohio), unless you want that really cool paint job to be dirty every day, even if you get it washed.  (sigh)

4. I keep harping on this, but I really need to get back to the gym, or break out the exercise bike here at home.  Went to the doctor's for an ear infection last week and on weigh in, I wanted to puke.  I forgot to add that one to something I wanted to forget from last week.

5. I had some weird dreams this week.  I thought as men got older they weren't supposed to remember their dreams.  (at least that's what I thought I learned in college during my psych. classes) A couple of the dreams were completely unexpected and sort of shook me up based on their content.  I'll keep the topics personal, but they were unexpected enough to prompt me to write the blog post on emotions. The content of that post focused on some of my current known issues, but the topics of the dreams were much more responsible for the post.

6. I'm heading over to my friend Will's house tonight.  He lives about 70-90 minutes away out in Niles.  I haven't seen him in awhile and he's going through some personal issues, so I thought it might be a good time to get out of the house, go hang out and bullshit, which we do very well.  The only thing that truly sucks is; how far away he is, I decided to just stay the night to make it easier.  Although I hate not being able to get up early in the morning from my own bed on Saturday morning to get things done.  I swear I'm becoming a set in his ways old coot at 36.

7. For those that don't know him, my friend Will, is very different from me.  He's my one friend that people seem to scratch their head at when they realize how close we are.  I consider him to be one of my closest friends. We are polar opposites in many ways. Where Will is a bit hillbilly I'm a bit metro sexual.  Where he's a conservative, gun toting, hunter, I'd lean more to being a liberal hippy.  I like his perspective and he's funny and insightful, although definitely rough around the edges. In truth if I want to work through something, he's one of the first people I seek out.  Even though we are different, I've found he's one of the few people that seem to understand how I approach things, and at times he seems to understand it better then me. 

8. I've been occupying my time playing with the "Wii" I got for Christmas, as an Atari kid and avid video game player for years, I have to say the "Wii" is incredibly fun and in my opinion the "next generation" of video systems.  For those that would argue that the graphics aren't up to par with the Xbox or Playstation systems all I'll say is I've seen video games that used blocks and stick figures, graphics are nice, but they add nothing to the gameplay.  The Wii changes the way developers are going to need to think about making games.  Which is a true step to the next generation.

9. For those that have never been big video game fans, I'd implore you to at least try the Wii at someone's house or somewhere if you can.  I think you'll find that it's vastly different then anything you ever tried and with the ability to play with multiple people, it makes for a hell of a Saturday night party game.  Add alcohol and go.

10. Airfares right now are ridiculous, factor in bag fees for most of them, and it's ultimately $420 for a roundtrip for most standard routes.  My guess is that most airlines are fearful we are going to see oil continue to go up, but just my theory.

Have a great weekend and talk with you next week.


Monica said...

Just so you know, I'm going to blatantly steal your list idea one of these days--so perfect for a Friday! ;) Re: Social media, I think we're going to get to the point where we're so inundated that people unplug so they can mail an actual letter, talk face to face. Of course, I said this about technology too...that hasn't exactly prompted anyone to unplug.

Michael said...

Please do steal the Friday thoughts, nice way to put something down without worrying about a backstory and would love to hear yours. I agree with you on Social media we are definitely inundated with it and I'm amazed at how things are progressing.

wendy said...

Can totally relate with you in the weird dream world. Crazy dreams lately that have me reeling a bit. Sorry to hear Will is going through some things, do tell him I said hello. I always liked Will. And do find time to get away! My sister and I are planning a long weekend to Cleveland in the spring. Why don't you come to New York! You, me and Monica can get together and talk about our blogs : )

Michael said...

I'll definitely tell Will you said hi. I think getting out was good for him, we had a lot of laughs. Must be the month of January for dream weirdness as I had another one Saturday. No plans currently to head up to New York, but I'm sure I'll make it up there eventually, you'll definitely have to pencil me in for a lunch when you come out in spring.