Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Thoughts 1st 2010 edition

Still working on the retrospective, finding it hard to get motivated for anything this week.

Here are some random thoughts though.

1. January needs more Holidays.  Seriously, we seem to have 10 days off through November and December and then back to nothing, which sucks.

2. I saw this article today and it's one of those that make me wonder whether we do any productive studies.  The headline was: Women's looks matter more in cities then rural areas.  I don't know where to begin with this.    You might think it's an article on dating or relationships, which in itself would have its own issues.  But, no it's a study measuring psychological happiness based on attractiveness (oh wait it doesn't even do that, it's based on height/weight ratio studies as they are unable to 'define' attractiveness). In truth in reading over the 'study' I'm not even sure what the hell they studied/measured.   So you can be fat and be happy living in the country, but in order to be happy living in the city you must be thin?  So city living is like high school?

3. If #2 is true for males as well, I should move to the country after the holiday eating I've done.

4. Practice for the band has been off for a couple weeks due to the holiday, which means I haven't got the opportunity to get my hands on the demo files.  Still hopeful to have them soon.

5. F**k snow

6. If the wife and daughter weren't around, I think I'd be settling into a J.D. Salinger reclusive style for a couple of months.  I could see myself even growling at people if I had to go out to the store in an alternate timeline such as that.  But having the people around makes me communicate and even forces me to deal with my cabin fever and get out of the house.

7. Not sure if I mentioned this before, but I bought a new car right before Christmas.  It's been 10 years since I bought a new one (2 used ones in between).  I'm happy as I didn't have to buy the cheapest thing I could find.  I can't say we've drove it much, it's sat in the garage for the last three weeks and we've only put about 200 miles on it.  I will say I'm immensely satisfied with it, which is a bit surprising as I'm not much of a car person.  I think it's due to the fact, that I was tired of driving around in old crappy cars.  It's weird I never thought it would be one of those things that I cared about.  I also never thought I'd care what others think about me in relation to cars but I think it was affecting me.  I'm not exactly sure why it affected me but I know it did, I was going to write up a post on it and still might, if I can figure out why it was bothering me so much.  After all, it's not like I drive them anywhere, since I'm working from home.

8. My daughter upon realizing the silver car was gone and that she didn't have a chance to say goodbye to it, started crying.  She composed herself and then started crying some more as she tried to hold back tears, I asked her why she was crying, and she said it wasn't about the car, it's that she wanted to be 3 again because too much was changing since she had just turned 4. I about lost it there.  So cute.

9. My brother's birthday is tomorrow.  He has the best luck, a birthday right after Christmas where everyone is broke and for the past two years, there have been major snow storms on the days before and on his birthday.  Happy Birthday brother.

10. I think I need to bake something, baking was always my mother's way of getting out of a funk.  Plus we are far enough away from Christmas cookies, that I don't feel like they are completing.  I'm thinking a cheesecake.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Monica said...

Happy New Year to you! Regarding #2, I've found that there definitely is an emphasis on how women in a city's truly a sad commentary, if you ask me. I totally get your need to bake--it's like a mini catharsis! Try these, they're nothing short of divine:

Michael said...

Thanks, I agree sad commentary on society, thanks for the recipe, those do look good.