Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Thoughts 1/29/10

Here we go.

1. If you haven't seen, I just knocked out a series of posts on Social Media.  I'm glad I broke them up into shorter parts, it wound up being much easier to write once I did so.  See, I'm learning.

2. I've had a failure of epic proportions this week.  Restarting my workout routine, didn't make it once.  blah

3. I'm making an effort to try and remove some of the wordiness of my posts.  I'm attempting to proof read before signing off on them, although I do despise it.  I have no idea why I despise proofreading so much, but after seeing some older posts from last year and cringing at some of the sentence structure, it's overdue.

4. One point I wanted to add on Social Media, that I couldn't find a spot to do so in. the posts.  I came down a bit harsh on status messages for Facebook.  A casual observer might think it's a bit hypocritical for someone who writes a blog regularly to bash status messages. I would understand where they are coming from. 

I have two responses to that train of thought:  a. One of the reasons I don't actively promote the blog is I want people to decide on their own whether they want to read it, if they find it interesting and read it great, if they don't find it interesting, then they don't need to read it.  (and those that do read, a good opportunity to say thank you).  b. In truth, I don't care if someone posts status updates everyday about their bagel, G.W Bush, or Obama.  My point on the status updates is that I don't think people think about how there posts are perceived.

5. Crap, still have five more thoughts to go, I should have made #4 a multiple thought of the day. I guess I kind of just did.

6. It is inevitable that during a January warm up even die hard Clevelanders will hold out hope that arctic temperatures are done for the winter.  I plead guilty to this line of thinking over the last week, even though I know better.

7. We are having a couple's night in tomorrow night with one of my good friends and his wife. I have to come up with something to drink for the night. I'm also

8. Apple's Ipad = Idud.  If nothing else just for the name, I think technologically they really dropped the ball on this one, so many features not available, that realistically needed to be.  (i.e. multi-tasking, removable battery, options other then Apple's hard to navigate App store)

9. Is it wrong that I think I'd consider plastic surgery?  Beyond the question itself, I can't believe I just admitted such a thought.

10. J.D. Salinger passed away this week.  Catcher in the Rye is one of the few classics I've read and enjoyed.  I do understand why it was held in such high regards, but I can't say I ever connected as much as others claimed to with the book.  Having said that, there is no doubt Mr. Salinger was an iconic figure in the history of our country, no easy feat. 

Have a great weekend and stay safe.


wendy said...

Your friday thoughts should be a book. Am loving them. As to proofreading... I usually give myself 1 to 2 days of proofreading my posts because 1) I'm obsessive that way 2)obsession 3) It gives me opportunity to revise and edit. But I agree, it can be a grueling task. The fact that you are thinking about working out is an accomplishment. Be proud! Plastic surgery? For what?

Michael said...

Thanks, the Friday thoughts were my way to avoid being to wordy, and just seem to work out to a nice way to make sure I update each week. I do have to get better on proofreading, grueling though. Re: plastic surgery, I'm thinking about a post on it, just the usual age related stuff, plus I think I've become extremely vain. Thanks for the encouragement on the workout, just exhausted lately and the cold definitely doesn't help.

Monica said...

Agreed on the iDud! Although I will say that I think Apple is pushing the envelope in the right direction--it's just going to take awhile to get there. Plastic surgery? As long as you've got peace within yourself, do what makes you happy. Unless, of course, that is a Heidi Montag-esque horror.

Michael said...

I suppose the Plastic Surgery thing was sort of out of left field, definitely not at peace with self, but wouldn't mind delaying some of the aging, although I doubt I could ever go through with something such as that, the thought does cross the mind. Although definitely want to stay away from getting "Heidified"