Friday, January 29, 2010

Communications and Technology Part 4: Final thoughts

Communication is complicated, technology is simple.  Think about that for a moment, pressing a couple of keys and putting down your thoughts requires very little work. It's not communication, it's one sided speaking.  Communication requires engaging with someone, being sensitive to reactions and words; it's responsive and requires more then one person to do it. 

It's not that technology can't be used to truly communicate; it's that people don't take the time to follow the same process that they follow when they communicate face to face. Engaging and responding are hard to do and given the opportunity to interact with their absence people take advantage of it. 

I'm not saying people do it intentionally, some of it is generational, some of it is the amount of time people have and some of it is that some people are bad communicators regardless of the medium. 

It's never going to be perfect, but it can be better.  Take some time, think about the effect your communication has on others. Think of the mediums you are using as tools of communication.  Like all tools, using it right takes practice and determination to get the best results out of it.  It also means that some tools are better then others at performing jobs.  If you've ever worked on something using the wrong tool and then later on switched to the right one and realized how much easier it was to use the right tool, you'll understand what I'm saying here.  Technology tools aren't an all in one fit. (Even though the marketing for them will tell you otherwise)  So the next time you are using those tools, give it some thought, you might find actually find yourself communicating more effectively.

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