Monday, January 25, 2010

Coffee and the 20,000 foot view for the week

Using one of my least favorite professional catch phrases for the week, here's the 20,000 foot view for the week.  I'm starting with the workouts again today, it's desperately needed.  I can't believe how easy it is to get out of the habit especially in bad weather and with children.  I was hoping that paying for a gym membership would drive me to keep up on a routine, but having to leave the house to work out seems to have the opposite effect.  If only I was about 6 inches shorter or my basement ceiling was a bit taller, I'd get an elliptical and put it down there.  I can't tolerate accidentally hitting my head on the ceiling though just to work out.  This is the reason I avoid the treadmill down there (in addition to despising treadmills, mostly due to my 60 year old equivalent knees). We do have a break in the weather though and I have 2 days where I'm not performing double duty of working and watching the little one, so I'm holding myself to starting after work today and then continuing for Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  We'll see how it goes.

Sad news on the band front, their former lead singer (before I joined) passed away over the weekend.  I believe he was in his mid 40's.  The only time I met him, he was a bit frosty toward me, but that doesn't change the fact that mid 40's is way too early to go.  I haven't heard what the cause was, but I was amazed during practices how many people the bassist had talked about passing away on an almost weekly basis.  Perhaps it's a sign that the lifestyle might not be my best choice to continue pursuing???

Friday night was a lot of fun, I met Will out at his house and we drank and talked the whole night with a lot of laughs.  Our friend Aaron also managed to join us, after getting lost trying to find the restaurant we were at out in the boonies. I'm glad I stayed out there for the night, but burning the candle at both ends is definitely starting to catch up to me.  Saturday morning definitely seemed to come too early.

The gutter on the back of the house has been replaced, thankfully the repairs didn't cost as much as I feared.  Although my brother was not so lucky, his gutters collapsed the day after mine did.  His gutter setup has them all connected and they run on all 4 sides of his house, requiring replacement of all of them. What a mess this winter thaw out turned out to be.  When the cable guys came by to elevate the wire, they said their next 3 days were booked solid doing reattaching and hanging cables as across the area there were collapses all over the place.

January is almost over, and it can't come soon enough, quite a month.  5 week months always are hard to deal with, but the combination of holiday hangover, cold weather, and long days have made this one seem particularly long.

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