Thursday, December 31, 2009

Twas the night before...

The arbitrary day that signals a New Year. (well at least the one outside of our birthday).

I forgot how much I hate the thought of going out tonight, not from the fun part, but more from the tons of likely drunks on the roadways, especially here in a city like Cleveland, which has a severe lack of cabs. Being a suburban city, its just not sustainable through the year for cabs to have any amount of numbers, which means that on days like New Years Eve, waiting for one when you are ready to depart can be an excruciating exercise.

It appears we might not be going out tonight due to a change in plans for the sitter, but we are still working on that.

We did receive an update from our friends about the party we were supposed to be going to and I wrote some about yesterday. Let me preface this by saying, I'm sure the party itself is fun and works for the people going, but as an outside couple, it definitely felt from reading the background on the party, that it wasn't quite the perfect fit for us on New Years Eve. Lots of high end cooking (not bad, although my wife and I looked at each other with blank stares when we tried to define what some of the items were). Lots of drinking (again not bad), but that's pretty much it, they aren't into 'counting down' or party hats, games, etc. Which isn't necessarily a big deal just different.

So even if we have a baby sitter, we probably will try and find another spot to celebrate the turning of the year. Based on the fact that we probably wouldn't fit in very well to the high brow offerings and coupled with the possibility of intruding on a group's party where it might detract from their fun too, it just seemed like it wasn't the best thing to do for New Years.

Another group of my friends is going bowling (probably with lights and a DJ). While definitely not our first choice, somehow that feels a bit more right then duck priscotto (spellcheck is not recognizing priscotto, but that's what the invite says), and rabbit tostadas. So we may opt for that instead, but we'll see.

Anyway, Happy New Years Eve to everyone and I hope everyone stays safe and smart tonight. Ok, maybe not smart, but keep the safe part in mind.

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