Monday, December 7, 2009

One of those "Good to know" moments

It's here and it's cold. I woke up at 6 this morning and decided I was going to get back on a 3 days a week workout schedule. I'm glad to say I not only woke up at 6, but I made it to the gym too. However, it wasn't without an interesting anecdote.

I did have one of those interesting (well interesting to me) conversations with myself this morning as I moved the cars around.

Me: F**k it's cold. (cold enough that the coffee I dumped that I had left in the car froze on the ground)

Inner voice: You know what they say about getting up in the morning and working out.

Me: No you idiot I don't there is a phrase that starts like that, besides what the hell does that mean?

Inner voice: Ummmm

Me: You know what they should say, I'm an idiot for going out in the cold this early in the morning for a workout. Instead of buying equipment to put in my house to workout with.

Inner voice: Oh, you are right, there is no phrase that starts like that.

Me: (puzzled) a little slow this morning?

Inner: Wow, it's really f'ing cold.

Me: (more puzzled) thanks for your input. (Note to self, my inner voice is really stupid in the morning.

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