Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back to a regular style post

Well enough Black Friday micro posts, and dessert porn for awhile.

The Holiday weekend was a good one. I love the 4 day Thanksgiving weekend. At it's worst it's 4 days off, not to mention, the whole 'party' day is the first one, so you start things off with a bang and you have 3 more days to do whatever you want. I wish every winter holiday had that many days.

Although this year, Christmas and New Year's falling at the end of the week, will be very similar. There is nothing worse then Christmas on like a Tuesday and then going back to work on Wednesday. Yes, I know there are vacation days available, but it's just not the same. I'm proposing that we move Christmas and New Years to the last Fridays in December every year. To heck with the dates. (After all, they are artificial anyway given the history, if we really want to get into that). I don't think it's going to change though, sigh.

I got a ton of stuff on Black Friday, and spent the least amount I ever have. I also was able to shop for multiple people, which means, I have very few things left to get for the year. Which is kind of cool, since it's only December 1.

A bunch of things coming up though, that will take up the majority of the time anyway, Bronwyn's 4th birthday and party, Christmas cookie baking, and some band stuff. Luckily I have a week and a half of vacation starting next Wednesday, can't wait for that.

Practices for the band have been going pretty well, really starting to feel comfortable with the stuff we have and if things go right, we'll be recording on Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed. Once we have the recording completed, it will be time to head out and start trying to land some shows. Which we definitely need to do, as we are a bit tired of practicing at the moment.

That's all for today, hope you have a good week.

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