Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween recap

Had a very nice weekend. Started off with some pumpkin carving Friday night, after finally pulling myself away from work. (Working at home is sometimes overrated). We made some pumpkin seeds, had some cider donuts and watched some movies, a very nice stressless night.

Of course that meant for some reason Saturday morning I woke up at 3:30am after going to sleep at midnight, not only did I wake up early, but had absolutely no luck in going back to sleep. I'm guessing that it was due to the fact that I had a bunch of grocery shopping to do and I wanted to get an early start. After trying to fall back asleep for 45 minutes or so, I said hell with it and got up and got ready. Hit the grocery store at 4:45 (I love 24 hour stores) returned home and dropped that batch of stuff off and then hit Walmart by 7am and was out of there and home by 8:45. It's an awesome feeling to be done with your shopping by 9am on a Saturday, even if it required an afternoon nap. No lines and you don't have to wait for anyone to get what you want in the aisle.

I still don't know the reason I couldn't sleep, but at least I made the best of it. It reminded me of shopping on "Black Friday (BF)" without all of the people or lines. I started going out on BF two years ago and I know I've been starting to look forward to going again this year, and I think subconsciously my mind decided to do a test run. I'll post more on my recent addiction to BF as we get closer over the next couple weeks.

The rest of the day we just did the normal Saturday routine, we ran out to pick up a couple last minute costume or party necessities and then we got ready for trick or treating. We decided to go over my parents this year and let the little one trick or treat there, then she'd stay the night and we'd head home to get ready for the party.

Trick or treating went very well, Bronwyn dressed up as Belle, her favorite Disney princess and scored tons of candy. While her energy level was very high to start, there's only so much a 4 year old has in reserve, so by about 7:05 after starting at 6, she was spent. There was no wagon this year as she wanted to walk it all, which of course meant that Dad got to carry her for long stretches, which is ok with me, but she's getting harder and harder to carry, especially since she's so long.

We headed home and got ready, I found an old wig Friday night, that I wore once before and decided to go with a glam rock look, makeup and all. I used my poet's shirt layered with a jean jacket and assorted accessories, which turned out pretty decently, even with full makeup :). My wife went as Angelina Jolie with kids in tow, stuffed into a bag and with appropriate nametags. We headed over to my brother's house to thankfully find that everyone had listened and were wearing costumes. It was a great time and we all drank way too much, except for my wife who was gracious enough to drive. I'd recap the party, but well that wouldn't be fair to the guilty. There are some facebook photos on my page for those interested. I tried to snap a picture of everyone's costume. Unfortunately (fortunately) I don't think anyone took a picture of me, so you'll have to wait to see me in eyeshadow, mascara, and lipstick until another day. (read, probably never :) ).

That's all for the weekend recap, I'm hoping to get to some of the outstanding topics this week I've continued to promise I'll write on, but we'll see how things go.


wendy said...

Pretty Please can we see you in drag?

Michael said...

Who said anything about drag, just a little eyeliner. I haven't seen it yet, but I've heard rumors there's one or two out there, I'll have to see if I can dig it up.