Monday, November 23, 2009

The first volley in shopping

In looking over the ads this week, I realized there were some really good deals that were out before Friday's big shopping day. The big one was a netbook computer at Target for $200. It's similar to the one I bought my wife last year, 10 inch screen, plenty of ram and processor for word processing, web surfing, heck with a 10 inch screen and Itunes it would pass for a movie player on play flights in a pinch.

I headed out tonight to take a look and see if they sold out, while I was running out to pickup Bronwyn's bike as well. Of course Target was sold out, so I took the long walk out and headed over to Walmart to pick up the bike, even though the bike wasn't on sale (gasp). I wanted to get it before Friday in order to have more room in the car for the rest of the haul.

I decided to check out the electronics dept. in Walmart before heading to sporting goods and noticed that they had a comparable Netbook available for $300, with a sign next to it that they price match, if you have the ad and it's the same item. Hmmm, knowing computers, I was pretty sure that the model numbers would be different, considering this one had a newer operating system and a variety of colors, but I decided to give it a try. I ran back to the car and grabbed the ad and an associate, he looked it over, matched up the specs (which were the same) verified the ad was current and not a Black Friday ad and agreed with me it fit the criteria. It should be noted the model numbers do not match, however all of the specifications of the system do.

After waiting for 20 minutes for Walmart's cashier manager to come back to the department to complete and confirm the transaction I was home free with the new system and a $100 savings. Love starting out like that.

It should be noted that the cashier manager couldn't have been more confrontational, bitching when I wouldn't purchase the 'extended warranty' and ensuring I knew that it had a 15 day return policy to the store from today. All of which I'm very aware of, as the warranty for 1 year is through the manufacturer. Regardless of her attitude, I did feel a little vindicated in my wait, as there were other people around who must have been familiar with the Target ad, and noticed the same computer, and miraculously came up with a Target ad, even though mine disappeared. As I was leaving, there were a line of 4 people with the same computer and as I walked away and the electronics person told the cashier manager there were more people ready to purchase the same system, I heard the first person say "Is there a limit on these?" I had to smile a little bit at that. Especially considering that department was looking at a $600 loss for the night on those 6 systems by the time those people alerted their friends to come buy them up.

I must say, it's a pretty sweet little pc. I really want to keep it for myself, maybe next year. I did wind up going to another store to get the bike as they didn't have the one they wanted. Bronwyn now has a brand new 20' bike waiting for her. I decided to go with a 20' bike after much deliberation over the 16' as my child is a tree and she'd grow out of the 16' bike by June. I do have to find some training wheels for this bike though, but I'm pretty happy with it, as it's pink, has streamers, a front basket, and ladybugs on the spokes of the wheels, I think she'll like it.

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