Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some band photos

Still not able to get to anything very deep as far as writing goes, but thought I'd put out some of the photos of the band we took the other day for those of you that might be looking for updated content as well, you can find the page on a facebook search, by searching for Torrn.
Here are the photos. We're debating a webpage at the moment as well, which I think we'll be doing at sometime in the near future as well.

Here's our drummer, Jim.

Our lead guitarist, Chris.
Our base guitar player, Roy.

And this guy, the singer.

Yes, that's me, god I take bad pictures, need to get to the gym too and I swear I was trying to give a good look for the pictures, not that squinty eyed thing I did. Can I blame it on the lighting?

And finally our group picture.

The lighting of the picture is one of our new running jokes, in the constant repositioning and how many shots it sort of appeared in unusual ways. A little taste of Spinal Tap I perhaps.
More to come as time goes on, looks like we are going to try and start booking shows within a week or two. We've ran through all 30+ songs at this point, now we just need to tighten up the final 10, with about 5 of them needing the most work.
Hopefully I'll have some audio for everyone soon enough too, we have some video/audio of Bon Jovi's Dead or Alive, that I think sounded pretty good through about half of the song before we got too much feedback. We have to see whether we can pull it from the phone though for posting.

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