Monday, October 12, 2009

One more layer

Ok, so through the first two shows with the band, there's been something bugging me a bit. It wasn't nerves, or anxiety over remembering my timing and words, or even keeping my voice intact.

What then has been bugging me? Well if you've read my blog at all, you might be able to guess, it's the clothes. I just have not found anything in my wardrobe that seems to foster the feeling of being a singer in a rock band or feels comfortable enough to stand up on stage and be like, here I am.

I changed that tonight. I went out and bought clothes. I wound up with about 5 shirts. 4 printed long sleeve shirts and 1 sort of pullover. I've been debating whether to buy a military style jacket and decided to forgo it tonight and just focus on some things that I could alternate. So I took my $100 Macy's card and went crazy. The shirts are similar to thermals but thicker and fully screen printed in dark color and for lack of a better term rock design. The pullover is pretty sweet, love the way it feels and looks with the collar. None of them are things I'd probably typically buy for wearing around, although that might change now too. But I like the fact that they cover the imperfections that happen from not getting to the gym enough and working at a desk all day.

While not exact, here's some pics of the styles.

Here's an example of the thermal
And an example of the sweater
The best part, a total of $20 out of pocket tonight for all 5. The thermals were relatively cheap, but the sweater was $60, nice to have those credit card rewards. Now at least the anxiety level can be down a bit for the next show.
I also stopped at Gabriel Bros. tonight, which is an outlet store for clothes and came close to picking up a faux waist cut leather jacket, but I decided to wait and see if I can find something cheaper in the military style I was looking for. More to come I'm sure.

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