Monday, October 26, 2009

Micro is easier

It seems to be getting worse and worse, what exactly am I talking about, updating my blog. In the interest of trying to keep a semblance of updates, I'm going to try and commit to doing some micro style blogging for a bit and see if I can't break this rut.

Things have been very busy this last week, two band practices , a dinner out with the family, a night out to see the singer I replaced in his new band, my niece's birthday party, a night at home with Bronwyn, a poker game and an afternoon at the playground with the little one. Phew, I'm tired from just recapping it. It's been a great week and although it can be a little tiring, I love being able to have multiple things to do instead of sitting around bored, thinking of something to do.

I still haven't found time to work out again, but I think I'm going to make that effort this week. I compare having a large amount of activities on the plate to working out, once you start doing it, it feels healthy and right and forces you to take advantage of the time you have in the most productive manner possible.

It's always a bit of a struggle to incorporate multiple activities into a family/work life, but doing so is extremely rewarding. It's amazing to me when I get back to doing things like this, I start to realize how much wasted time has been in my previous days, it's almost sickening.

While it doesn't mean go non-stop or to not find time for things at home. I do find it's so easy to get into a rut with life and not taking advantage to what's available to you and when you do that, it ultimately makes for a rather stale environment.

That's all for now, hopefully I'll have some more things to discuss this week.

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