Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mapleside Farm Saturday recap

Here's another shot at getting back in the swing of writing regularly. We had quite a weekend here. Laurie, Bronwyn, and I headed off to Mapelside Farms apple festival on Saturday and met up with some of Laurie's friends and her cousin Felicia and her family.

It was a bit cold starting out in the morning, but turned into quite a nice fall day. A little cold and the ground was muddy as hell, but there was a lot of warm apple cider, great food, and a lot of things to do.

I'll get to some food thoughts in a minute, but I'd remiss if I didn't mention the one thing that drove me crazy, the damn bees, they were everywhere. I know they tend to congregate around sweet smelling things, but having a cup of cider was like having a target painted on you. They were relentless, and I friggin hate bees (could be the severe allergies my brother has to them, whether I do or not, we don't know as I haven't been stung before). I thought for sure with the cold weather that there would be a lot less of them, but they were everywhere. Very frustrating to try and eat lunch or sip a cup of cider, with one trying to fly into your cup every 2 seconds.

Ok, back to the food though, let me just say that these past two weeks, I've done horrible in trying to watch what I eat. Not to mention, no time for the gym over the two weeks, and I'm not thrilled with how much indulging I've done. But indulge I have, in addition to the aforementioned cider, there were: (by list as it's a fairly detailed list)

Apple fritters: easily in the top 5 for apple fritters, although I think West Side Market still holds the crown. They were crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, just enough apple taste and not too much glaze. Had one there and took a bag home. They didn't make it to Sunday night.

Caramel apples, these were to take home and I finally cracked one open tonight, mine was caramel with pecans surrounding it, it was delicious. Laurie's was a caramel apple, made up to look like a buckeye, layer of caramel, covered in chocolate and peanut butter. The caramel the farm uses is very thick and chewy.

Cider donut: Bronwyn had one and she offered a bit I couldn't refuse, good, but I wasn't going to choose that over the fritter.

Brownies: Don't ask me why I took a couple home from their bakery with everything else we had, but I did, for a $1.50 they are awesome, dark chocolate, moist and frosted. Every year when we go now, I have to take some home. Even if they get slowly eaten by Laurie and Bronwyn before I get through all the stuff I bought, I know I at least made an effort.

Orange Blossom honey: Ok haven't eaten this yet, but it's local grown and I get a bottle every year. Here's a quick bit of advice, never ever buy that corn syrupy honey shit they sell in the big box stores again, just throw it away, get a bottle of real honey and make some biscuits and eat it all in one sitting. Go now.

Huge bag of apples: Yes, we do actually get apples too, a huge overflowing bag of apple goodness. Best thing is by the time we are tired of the eating just the apple, I get to go crazy cooking with them. I think apple crisp is in the future. (My apple pies suck).

Unpasteurized Apple Cider: Once again, see honey above, if you go to the store and buy pasteurized apple cider, just dump it down the sink or go buy some apple juice. It sucks and it can't compare to the unpasteurized stuff. So much flavor is killed from the pasteurization, yes I know it's "killing harmful things" blah, blah, blah, whatever, pour in some bourbon and drink up, alcohol is good for cleaning, so there's nothing to worry about.

Chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick for Bronwyn, these were very cool looking and she loved them, they had a regular marshmallow and a strawberry one covered in thick chocolate, not my thing especially with the strawberry, but the kid enjoyed it.

Pulled pork sandwiches: We didn't get to eat at the restaurant they have on site (darn), where we ate at last year. But we did get something close to it, by eating at their outdoor tent and grill and getting the pulled pork with apple butter based bbq sauce, pork was perfectly cooked and delicious.

Kettle corn: Bronwyn loves popcorn and signs were everywhere for their kettle corn. Even though I've listed a ton of crap here, all we ate at the fair, was the sandwich and a fritter, everything else was to be taken home, so I bought a bag of kettle corn for Bronwyn on the drive home. The problem was we only gave her like a cup from the bag and kept the bag for home, well actually that wasn't the problem, the actual problem was that I've never had kettle corn before, holy crap how had I skipped over this? Salty, sweet, with perfectly popped kernels, can I get a kettle for my basement and make it? I'm not likely to ever skip buying this when I see it again. This is seriously negative expectation on the waist line.

Sorry there are no pictures hopefully the descriptions due some of the food justice. While most of it was brought after all of that food and again indulging in Mr. Hero's romanburger today for lunch during the football game, I think I've fallen completely off the watch what I eat wagon, at least over these last two weeks. I so need to get back to the gym, guess what's on the agenda for 6am Monday morning?


Monica said...

*Love* the food descriptions! The gym can wait--enjoy the harvest!

Michael said...

Gym has definitely waited and waited, but you're right only time of year to indulge in this stuff. Happy to report everything brought home from the bakery is now gone.