Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Friday (Tuesday) thoughts

Wow, almost another week, with no blog posting. That's not a way to encourage repeat readers. But I'm still pressed for time, so I'll go with list of thoughts for a Tuesday.

1. Recording equipment is in, and we are recording tonight, hope to have some postings within the next week. (I have no idea what's involved from moving it to recording to a presentable format, while I think it should be rather simple, too much unknown for me to commit to more.)

2. We have a commitment for a first paid show (well at least at an establishment, rather then performing for a party). It looks to be either November 21 or 28.

3. I'm hoping Kim Ng gets one of the open baseball GM jobs this year. It would be a serious glass ceiling break for professional sports for a women to be placed at the top position of an organization as a talent evaluator. Not only do I hope she is named, but successful as well, baseball and basketball are the two sports where this makes the most sense and it's long overdue.

4. Finally some actual Autumn weather here in Cleveland, mid September to mid October have been damn cold (think late November) refreshing to go back to light coats and enjoy some of the season.

5. October is such a fun month, Boo at the Zoo last week, apple festivals, Halloween at the end of the month, and my niece's birthday next week. Plenty of things to do and lots of activities, makes it nice before settling in for the winter months where it's more difficult to get out of the house.

6. I can't remember the last time I got to the gym. Amazing how easy it is to get out of synch when schedules change.

7. Where the Wild Things are is a pretty special movie. Not a great movie for little ones, as it's going to lose their attention in parts, but for the content they had to work with and the story that's told through the features they've added to the creatures it's pretty special and worth a watch.

8. We're thinking of taking the plunge and getting a new car, been long enough, now just have to decide what we want. Probably some type of hatchback, sounds so much better then station wagon. Doesn't it? I'm a master of fooling myself.

9. I think I've thoroughly broke my TV addiction again, it had gotten bad for awhile, but I've weened myself now to only DVR'd episodes of Fringe and of course Spongebob anytime it's on. This may change when American Idol and Lost come back on, Lost for sure, but it was hard to get into Idol last year, and not sure I'm loving that Ellen is now a judge, why in the hell couldn't they just keep it as three?

10. Number 10 is always the hardest to come up with something. I had an interesting thought come to mind for a short story last night. I might give it a shot on flushing it out. In comparison to other stories that have popped into my head over the last couple months, this one seems to be one I can start with. Not overly complicated or long, but has the type of philosophical questions I think I can write about given the correct situation to present them in. It would be classified as science fiction, which I'm not overly fond of, but it's the only way the story will work. And by science fiction, I mean along the lines of Jules Verne, Robert Heinlein, not George Lucas. We'll see what happens though.

11. Crap, mentioning Heinlein, made me think of another 'thought'. For a truly different read I would suggest "I will fear no evil" by Robert Heinlein. While it's classified as 'Science Fiction' it's an interesting perspective on life, death, consciousness, gender and sexuality. It's a bit of a tough read at times as it drags in certain parts, but for those interested in such things, it's different then anything I've ever read. (oh and by the way, this isn't one of my 3 influencing books, I'll get to that at some point.)


Monica said...

So much to comment on! Congrats on your new gig. Can't wait to see WTWTA--such a special book. Kudos for getting the TV monkey off your back...have you seen Glee (just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in!). Hatchback sounds so much better than Station Wagon--it's all in the spin!

Michael said...

Thanks, I haven't seen Glee, although I've heard good things, I've avoided it. (Much like Mad Men, when I first saw the previews I really wanted to watch but was able to avoid). I think I'll try saving them for those rainy/snowy weekends when I can rent Seasons. Your so right on the spin.