Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Working toward the weekend

It's Wednesday and that is awesome. Well today it is at least. This week has gone very fast and considering the amount of work that has piling up and then being moved from my desk, that's a good thing.

Not a lot to write about evidenced by yesterday's post. But I did go to the first practice we've had in over a week. We have a show Saturday, so I was eager to get back to working. We started work on our third set, which is going to be a heavier rock set.

I was a little concerned about the heavier sound and whether we could find a middle ground on stuff I like, since I don't tend to trend that way for music and some of it, is just impossible for me to sing. I'm thrilled to say, I'm loving where we are going with the third set. I think we've found a pretty damn good mix of mainstream with heavier sound. And a couple of the third set pieces are likely to be some of the best stuff we perform in my opinion.

Here's what we have so far for the sets. After Saturday's show, we'll likely add a couple more songs to get us to 30 total and then we can put a CD together and start trying to take it to some of the clubs to play. I like the mix so far, a lot of stuff I like. Some songs that worked for the band before that I was able to pick up and a little diversity in stuff that other bands typically don't play. There are a couple on the list that we are going to see how the crowd reaction is to them, as they may or may not make our final rollout. Would love to hear any feedback in the comments about the song list.

The other good thing is my voice seems to be back in synch, after the last bout of laryngitis, going to give it an easy practice on Thursday and then hope to make it through Saturday and keep it for Sunday, we'll see how that goes.

Set 1

Sex Type Thing: Stone Temple Pilots
Machinehead: Bush
Gel: Collective Soul

Far Behind: Candlebox
One: Creed
December: Collective Soul

Interstate Love Song: Stone Temple Pilots
Rebel Yell: Billy Idol
Man in the Box: Alice in Chains
Kryptonite: 3 Doors Down

2nd Set

My Own Worst Enemy: Lit
American Band: Grand Funk Railroad
What I like about you: The Romantics

Pour Some Sugar on Me: Def Leppard
Nothing but a Good time: Poison
Good: Better then Ezra

Don't You Forget about Me: Simple Minds
It's the End of the World: REM
Learning to Fly: Foo Fighters
What I got: Sublime

Set 3:

Symphony of Destruction: Megadeath
Enter Sandman: Metallica
Gimme Three Steps: Lynard Skynard

Vasoline: Stone Temple Pilots
Slither: Velvet Revolver
Basket Case: Green Day

(possibly Nothing Else Matters by Metallica too, still working on some timing issues for it)

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