Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend and week ahead

Had a fairly enjoyable Labor day weekend. Saturday and Sunday seemed like they were non-stop work. Getting house ready for party, tending to the yard, and shopping, so it was nice on Monday to relax.

Went to my brother's in-laws house Saturday for a pig roast. It was fun and there was a ton of food there. The only negative of the day was taking my brother's four wheeler for a spin and coming close to tipping it over on me. Luckily I escaped with only a scraped up left arm. As it was going over I knew enough to continue my momentum and get as far away from it as possible. Thankfully it may have only been my imagination that the vehicle was tipping as it didn't fully come over.

Sunday's party had a good turnout and it was good seeing everyone. For once I seemed to go through almost as much food as I expected to, which was a bit of a surprise. The party lasted about 4-5 hours. Starting later I was hoping for some to hang on later into the night, but alas most were worn out from their own activities. The good news with the party ending earlier than anticipated was that I was able to get most of everything cleaned up, so very little work on Monday.

Monday I did nothing, ran over to my parents for a bit and then relaxed at home.

Quite a busy week ahead, I have practice tonight and on Thursday and we have our first show on Saturday night. I hesitate calling it a show as it's for friends and family and we only have 2 sets, that while good, aren't quite at sale quality. It's basically an enhanced practice. It should be fun though and I like the fact that we are pushing the envelope a bit in setting obstacles to get us ready for real performances.

The drummer's brother saw us last week and asked us to play at his pig roast on 9/26, so it's something else to look forward too and it sounds like we might make a couple dollars from that show, which is kind of cool.

I did realize over the weekend that I'm terrible at talking about myself to people. I'm so accustomed to directing the conversation with those around me, when people start focusing on me, I revert to my shy, non-confident past. I had a number of people who asked about the band this weekend and wanted to discuss it, it was actually very nice, but a little strange at the same time. I'm just not good at being the focus of one on one conversations and found myself struggling to make eye contact and having a tendency to want to downplay it rather then discuss it. Just another personality quirk of mine. I was actually a bit surprised at how I handled it, I haven't been that sure and non-confident in many years. It's not that I'm not confident about how it's going to sound, it's just unusual when the focus is on me. One common aspect of the conversation was when people mentioned, they didn't even know I sang. That's not an accident, there is a strong tendency for me to be rather reserved about myself and to keep things close to the vest. A definitely would not consider myself a self promoter.

I'm hopeful to get to the second post on books this week and maybe some more updates, but at this point, I'm thinking it just might not be possible. We'll see how the work week pans out though.

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