Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sometimes a little is all there is

Not a lot of time to put some thoughts down, but I'm feeling like I want to write something. As I anticipated it's been a fairly busy week and having Monday off has thrown the schedule off a bit too. The nice thing of course is tomorrow is Friday and the week seems like it has flew past.

Tuesday night's band practice went really well, very happy with how the second set sounded on the second pass through and we have a follow up practice tonight in preparation for our semi-gig on Saturday. I'll get into it further at some point, but I pushed vocals some on Tuesday on songs I had been holding back on and I was very happy with the results. The reason I had been holding back on a couple tunes, was partially due to trying to ensure I didn't over strain my voice and I didn't want to take a risk at some of those points and flop.

My mother in law is coming into town today and has plans to spend a lot of time with Bronwyn. Bronwyn's very excited about it and I'm glad they are going to have some time together. I'm still waiting to see if MIL being here adds any additional drama to everyday life though, as I've stated before my wife and her mother's relationship has it's ups and downs.

Last thought for the day as I'm putting my thoughts around some of my favorite book posts that I still owe the blog. I realized more then ever this week, that I really like chaos. Maybe not to the same levels that the word itself is associated with, but at least as far as how it impacts everyday life. I'm sort of fascinated with life itself and it's associated experiences, so much so that I love at times trying to fit square pegs into round holes or adding gasoline to a fire in order to see what happens. It's invigorating. The interesting part to me is many times I seem to provoke reactions unintentionally rather then by the calculated manner I typically proceed with things. I'd dare say it's becoming more common for me to do it instinctively. Let me qualify this a bit too, chaos in a mid-30's nuclear family lifestyle is not quite the same as it could be for another type of life. So my chaotic endeavors are more in trying to break the mold at the moment, rather then turn things upside down. I'm hoping it will be clearer as I talk further on this, but I thought I'd share a bit of what's on my mind.

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wendy said...

Hmmm, chaos? Am curious what you mean exactly by this..interesting