Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rare Saturday post

Have some time tonight and feel like writing. It's day 7 of the smoking cessation train and while I haven't been perfect, I'm pretty damn happy with the results so far. The nicotine lozenges seem to be doing a great job on the cravings and unlike previous times quitting, I don't seem to be eating everything insight.

I have smoked a couple over the week, but considering I was over a pack a day, I'm pretty impressed that every day in getting up, I'm perfectly content to continue using the lozenges and having had a couple over the week, it's removed the forbidden aspect to the equation.

I'm noticing immediate effects from quitting to. I'm waking up more refreshed, not feeling as achy, and seemed to be walking with my head held higher a bit. (I think there was a part of me that despised my dependency on smoking and it affected my persona). I feel like I've got control over it at this point. So we'll see what happens from here.

Got a text from our lead guitarist on Friday with a few new songs we are going to do for next Saturday's show. I can't wait for practice on Tuesday. I miss the fact that we didn't have practice last week, although my voice needed the rest and is coming along nicely from having lost it after the other show.

That's all for now, talk to you next week.


Monica said...

Congrats on day 7! Never been a smoker myself, but have lots of friends/family who have been, so I know how hard it is to quit. Keep it up!

Michael said...

Thanks for the support. Still hanging in there, surprising actually :)