Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NFL picks for the 2009 year

Ok, so I'm a week late and I suppose it gives me an advantage over all that picked last week, but considering I probably am not going to jump around screaming "Yay me" unless I hit ever single one on the head, it probably doesn't matter anyway.

Division winners

NFC North: Green Bay, something about this team, I really like this year.

NFC South: New Orleans, if that defense comes around, could be real tough in playoffs. Atlanta's probably another year away from being very good.

NFC East: Philadelphia, this is Philly's division to lose. NY and Dallas are nice teams, but Philly has too much talent.

NFC West: Seattle, I just can't pick Arizona. This division is almost as bad as the AFC West, rather pathetic. Hell the Brown's would compete in this division.

Wild Cards
Atlanta (as the East teams beat each other up)

AFC North: I don't type their name do I? It's the city about 90 minutes away from Cleveland and their team makes me want to puke.

AFC South: Tennessee, only because I think Indy is going to have some problems adjusting this year without Tony Dungy's steady hand. Call it a coaching hangover.

AFC East: New England. Miami comes back to earth after a coaching change and some lucky breaks, no one else in this division is close to New England.

AFC West : San Diego (seriously if they don't win this division, I want a congressional inquiry into the legitimacy of these games, other teams in this division are horrible)

Indianapolis (I said there was a coaching hangover, not that they stunk)
Baltimore, all the other AFC teams have big issues, plus Baltimore gets 4 games with Cincy and Cleveland, while maybe not 4 wins it can't hurt.

Green Bay vs New England with New England winning (yuck)

I'll pick MVP's but who really cares about football MVPs?

Offensive MVP: Aaron Rodgers, GB (stick that in your pipe and smoke it Bret)

Defensive MVP: Justin Tuck, DE NYG (how the hell should I know who the defensive MVP is, I swear they pick a name out of the hat)

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Mark Sanchez NYJ QB

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Larry English, DE SD

Browns record: 6-10. Team starts to move in right direction, in my opinion the high water mark for this team is 8-8 this year and low water mark 4-10. Should be competitive as the year goes on though vs throwing in the towel last year. Big key to whether coaching staff has lost its players is whether we continue to see 'rash' of injuries mid-way through the season.

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