Friday, September 11, 2009

Nerves of steel?

Yes it's Friday and typically the title would be Friday's thoughts, but I'm just not feeling that today. A bit of an interesting week in that it seems to have been gone before it started. (4 day weeks seem to do that). Sitting here on Friday, I've realized that there is a pile of work that accumulated last night, in varying states of submission from my sales reps. Anxiety level for next week is pretty high based on the expected craziness that is likely to cause.

That means I need to try and figure out how to forget about it starting today at 5 and not pick it back up until Monday. Sometimes that seems so easy, but with the added anxiety of tomorrow's first show (for numerous reasons) I don't think it's going to be possible to 'relax' this weekend, which means I'm likely to be a bit on edge for the next 7 days or so.

Practice was up and down yesterday, it was a bit of a let down considering Tuesday's practice sounded very good. I'm not overly worried about how we'll sound, I think we'll do reasonably well, but I am curious to see how the mix of people I bring with me to those that are friends with the band works out. It's probably nothing to worry about and I'm sure I'm just over thinking yet again, but it's causing some of this anxiety. It's more difficult due to the fact that I would typically consider myself the bridge between groups in a situation like this and for a large portion of the night, I'm going to be a bit tied up.

That pretty much sums up my Friday at the moment, I'm a bit of an anxious mess, on edge, a bit grumpy, and a ball of nerves knotted up in my stomach. It doesn't help that I've started to cut down my cigarette smoking, and considering I don't want to be hoarse tomorrow, indulging deeply in that at the moment would probably only give me more anxiety on what I would sound like tomorrow.

Anyway, have a good weekend, and if you hear screeching cats in the Medina area tomorrow night, you know you are probably close to the show.

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