Thursday, September 3, 2009

Friday Thoughts 19

More random thoughts for the day that begins with an "F"

1. I feel like a sloth this week, four days of setting the alarm early to get up and go to the gym and four days of either pushing the snooze or just not going once up. The fact that it's been fairly cold in the morning has not helped.

2. Holiday weekends are so nice, but can be so busy. Full slate with pig roast at my brother's in laws tomorrow and a BBQ at our house on Sunday, which I need to get the yard ready and shop for tomorrow.

3. I find myself thinking a lot lately about how different things are in life now then when I was a kid. Whether it's the 24 hr lifestyle that seemed non existent then. The fact that going to a grocery store now, means having 10 aisles of assorted snacks, or the difference in television. Such a different time.

4. I also find myself looking at the future a lot as well. Specifically around how to try and help shape and advise Bronwyn on what she wants to do someday. I'm ahead of myself, but it does cross my mind.

5. Singing is hard. Kidding to a degree, but this week's practice on the second set was draining and very rough. A much different situation from the first set where I was just sort of fitting into stuff the band was comfortable with. The second set is mostly brand new to all of us, and putting it together is a challenge. Excited about some of the songs though, as they aren't your standard cover style choices.

6. Almost final results for the pool this year. Hundreds of dollars in chemicals, maybe 5 good pool days this summer.

7. Speaking of pools though, we have neighbors three doors down with one, which they and their kids seem to use quite frequently. I was amazed when I climbed my roof last week to do some repairs and looked over and saw the brownest green water I've ever seen. Absolutely flabbergasted. And I thought some debris on the bottom of my pool means I did a bad job.

8. I swear I don't know what I'm going to do if I have to go back into an office someday to work. Working from home, while it has a host of stresses, is still 10x better then working in an office.

9. Check engine light came on for one of our cars this week. Haven't we advanced enough that at least it could pop a number up or something that we could look up. Rather then just some yellow glowing light?

10. I think I'm experiencing informational overload this week, three days off away from the laptop will be a refreshing break. I also think I need a work trip to break the monotony of day to day work life.

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