Thursday, August 27, 2009


That's kind of how I feel today. It's been two weeks now with some variation of of a crappy damn cold. Once I kicked the stuffy head, congested mess, it seemed to have moved to my eye. So I've walked around the last two days with a serious case of pink eye. Half closed, red mess.

Without getting graphic, I went to the doctor's for an issue with my foot the other day and hadn't noticed the red eye yet. (talk about going through the motions, you'd figure I would have noticed the giant red eye staring at me when I put on my contacts).

Anyway, while I was waiting in his office, he walked into the room to grab something for another patient and although I'm paraphrasing, his first words were "Holy crap what's wrong with your eye". Now I'm thinking oh crap what now, it's not bad enough I'm here for something else. I tell him I'm getting over a cold and he seemed to calm down and seemed to agree that it was definitely the likely cause.

Unfortunately that was the first day (Tuesday) of cursed red eye and yesterday was absolutely horrible. Today seems better though, and maybe just maybe, I'll be back to 'normal' by the weekend.

I blame this on having to leave my reclusive home office and being out around people in longer amounts of time. Especially one person in particular, who I won't mention past my saying I swear he's a walking petri dish. I see the person once or twice a year for a fantasy sports drafts and I swear I get sick every time I'm around him. (I do realize I'm likely imagining that correlation though, as he tends to be a bit annoying, so maybe it's just a bit of displacement.)

So pfffftttttt... It's a nice sound and sort of cathartic and that's what I'm going with today.

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wendy said...

Ha! Very funny. I'll have to borrow your word of the day. Hope your eye is better : )