Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not quite the goober I thought I might be

Well, I sent off my long, excited, droning email yesterday to the guy I had been talking to about the audition and he replied with some of the excitement for some of the songs I chose from their existing list and liked a good majority of the stuff I put down that I preferred and had done previously.

They wanted me to come out tonight and see how things went, but I've got my last night of bowling to finish up, so we are going to play next Tuesday.

I've reached out to a friend of mine and Laurie's who gives singing lessons. While I know my voices strengths, I also know that I have to stretch it out a bit if I ever want to do a full set a night and I could use some warm up techniques, that aren't grab a shot of Jager and hit the stage. I'm hoping she can give me some advice with those.

For the next couple days, I need to find a place around the house to sing some songs and practice some of the notes I need work on and commit the lyrics to full memory.

Here's some of the stuff I'll be working on:

From their old set list:
1. Creed: One
2. Alice in Chains: Man in the Box
3. Bush: Machine Head (this one I need to work on fairly confident I can nail it, but need to get the breathing down on it)
4. Elvis: Burning Love (love the mix of Elvis and some modern rock in their set)
5. Elvis: Suspicious minds
6. Creed: Arms wide open
7. Sublime: What I got
8. Candlebox: Far Behind
9. The Romantics: What I like about you

From some of the stuff I suggest or would like to do:

STP: Wicked Garden, Sex Type Thing, Crackerman, Interstate Love Song
Pearl Jam: Jeremy, Black
Matchbox 20: Real World, Disease
Thomas/Santana: Smooth
INXS: Devil Inside
Def Leppard: Pour Some Sugar on Me
Poison: Every Rose has it's Thorn
Bryan Adams: Summer of 69.

Ok, so there's some of the songs I'll be going over for the next 6 days or so. I need to find an isolated spot though to practice, as I feel like a goob singing out loud by myself. (I know I've got issues).

Speaking of issues, I just posted a new facebook photo. It's one my brother took of me when we were in Vegas recently. I can honestly say the picture is already driving me a bit crazy and is not likely to last the week on my page as the profile.

Let me give some background or rehash if I've covered it before. While I've made great progress in my own self confidence over the years, there are still things I don't like about myself. I can pick out every flaw imagineable in a picture of myself. Which means I'm extremely particular about pictures I choose to use or display. This has lead to the following conversation with some of my friends on my former pictures.

Friends: Man, what's up with your picture?
Me: What the hell do you mean.
Friends: Smile a little bit. man.
Me: Smilings not quite me in case you haven't noticed, I'm more of a smirk guy, besides, I've got a crooked jaw, teeth I'm not thrilled with, etc, etc.
Friends: but you sort of look like a serial killer in the those pictures.
Me: Maybe, but I'd rather look like that then some goofball.

Friends: Oh wait, your picture does work, when we use the kidnapping app and it shows you behind bars, it's perfect.
Me: Funny, what about your picture, you look like you are about to fall over.
Friends: Isn't it great, I was bombed when we took that picture, that's the type you need.
Me: Umm, no, not quite the image I'm comfortable portraying.

This has lead to the group referencing my stoic pictures pretty regularly and taking some candid snapshots. So last night my brother posted one and I tagged it and made it a profile picture. It's actually me sort of mid laugh, and probably a bit drunk, I was in Vegas after all and it was late afternoon. I actually think I was laughing as the group of friends was remarking that they don't typically see me in shorts, especially jean shorts. (Hmmm, maybe people pay more attention than I thought). Anyway, that's the back story of the picture.

As I mentioned though, this picture is not long for the front of my page, my initial desire was to put one of the others my brother took up as the picture. However, that one has me about to light up a cigarette and given that smokers are like the anti-christs I've decided not to use that one. I do however like the picture, far enough away to not display all my flaws and a fairly interesting look on the face.

I will say this though, I was a bit vindicated tonight, one of my wife's friends asked her what was up with my new picture, so I decided to jump on the facebook chat and ask her why.

Her: Well I'm just not used to seeing you smile like that.
Me: I know, weird looking isn't it.
Her: Were you at the strip club
Me: No, not that time, does look like it though doesn't it.
Her: I prefer the stalker look
Me: Yep, me too, this one won't be up for long.

We are 1 day into the picture experiment, I'll let you all know how it goes.

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