Monday, August 10, 2009

Not much new

Thought I'd check in and post an update on the blog. Not a ton new going on, had a nice night with some friends on Saturday, where we imbibed in too many cocktails. But it was nice catching up with everyone and we even have tentative plans for Punta Cana resort vacation in February.

I spent Friday night with Bronwyn, while Laurie went out. We took a bike ride, had some pizza, and watched her choice in movies. She chose 'Space Buddies' 5 golden retriever puppies that get shot into space. Anything to get away from Barbie or Dora for a bit and it wasn't half bad. Always great to have a night with the little one by myself. My wife seemed to have a good time when she went out, but she only stayed out til about 11. I can't understand having such a short night out, when you have the whole night to yourself and friends, but she did say the band wasn't very good and she just wanted to head home.

I also watched the Watchmen on Friday night, wow, just a fantastic story, complex and intriguing. Not as good as Sin City, but fairly close and nice to see something different then the same garbage they keep recycling over in the theaters.

I've got my audition tomorrow, drove out to the house yesterday just to see how far it was and where it actually was, it's out in some serious farm country in Medina, but looks like a huge place and with that much room around you no worries on bothering neighbors. So we'll see how things go.

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