Monday, August 3, 2009

NFL Season approaching

Taking a break from everyday life and thinking about NFL season. I must admit I'm getting a bit excited to watch some games on Sunday. While our team here in Cleveland, isn't much to talk about, I still find myself looking forward to the season. The glutton for punishment that I am.

I realized how much I was looking forward to lazy Sundays in front of the TV yesterday when we decided to rent a movie and make popcorn for the day. Bronwyn was pretty worn out from spending the night with the grandparents and Laurie and I were spent from Saturday night out and the multitude of ups and downs lately. So we made some microwave popcorn, added some butter and popped in a Muppet movie. (Wizard of Oz) it was Bronwyn's first experience with the Muppets and she seemed to like them. Unfortunately the video store did not have the original Muppet movies, just Treasure Island and Oz, but it was fun nevertheless. The movie ran a little long in my opinion and at about the 2 hr mark, Bronwyn was visibly bored. But for her one and a half hours of sitting is pretty amazing in itself.

Anyway, that's where a good deal of my anticipation is coming from, as based on the Brown's last season and many previous ones there aren't many reasons to look forward to their season. Having said that, let me talk a bit about all I want from the Browns this year and for the most part have hope for in the last 11 that they've been back.

In the 11 years they've been back, there has been only one season where they've had any type of offense, which was two years ago. Now two years ago, the offense was rather prolific and exciting to watch, outside of that this team has been horrible. I'm sick and tired of seeing a football game where we are consistently inconsistent in being able to move the ball at all. All I want is an offense that is professional, i.e able to run the ball occasionally, score some points, and pass the ball decently. I don't want to feel like I'm watching a high school team play an NFL defense. It gets old quick to say the least.

The other thing I'd like to see once in awhile is our defense make a team punt once or twice a game especially on the continuous third and long completions the opposing team makes. While I don't expect the defense to be dominant, I'd like to see a professional unit show up with something visible that they are NFL caliber. That doesn't mean they are going to win a lot or even be competitive to a certain degree, but I'd like to see flashes that we have potential.

The other wish (I'm getting greedy here) is I don't want to see the old Bill Belechick, Butch Davis, Mike Fratello (NBA), style of making the game so slow, boring and uninteresting, that we only lose by 3 points, hence we are competitive. Screw that, I'm tired of that, lose by 10-15, at least do it by building real skills for your players for the future, in order to identify true holes that need to be filled in the next off season, but by doing so you take your lumps but you don't 'protect' your team . By protecting your team and teaching your young players these idiotic tendencies, you ruin their development and moving to the next level becomes all but impossible without 'rebuilding' again.

That's my wish list to Eric Mangini, coach of the Browns. While I didn't like him as the choice for the franchise, if you can do those things or even come close, you'll have a fan here.

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