Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Never too old to follow a dream

Well that's a nice headline, but not entirely true. As this news hasn't been a dream of mine or even really a thought except in maybe the past year or two.

Anyway, I mentioned previously that I've been thinking about trying to find a band that does cover songs and needs a singer. For those of you that may not know me, I'm a bit of a singing junky. Karaoke, analyzing/critiquing bands I go watch, a few songs with a live band, and let's just say you probably don't want to go on a long car ride with me, as I'm likely to sing for 75% of it. Not that it's bad singing, but I'm sure a captive audience would grow rather tired of it, I would.

In addition to that about a year and a half ago, I was able to sing for the first time with a band. It was at the House of Blues in Vegas, and they bill it as Rockstar Karaoke. There's not much Karaoke about it because if you can't sing/project/carry a tune, you just aren't going to get over the guitar and drums amplified. So I sang that night and the feeling was beyond intoxicating and I started thinking, I've been singing for 15 years or so and I know I'm not half bad. I may not have the greatest vocal range, but within my limits, I'm pretty damn solid. On top of that I love music, so why not think about trying to find a cover band. But given family commitments and possibilities of moving, I decided against it. That is until last weekend.

We went out on Saturday with some friends, we had a babysitter for the night and decided we needed to get out of the house, so we went to a bar. Live band took the stage and through the first set, my only thought was the instrumentals were solid, but the lead singer was not very good. Now mind you, there set wasn't my favorite type of music, late 70's/early 80's rock. But the lead vocalist was just nothing special and I knew it. So during my drinking I decided, that I was going to start looking for a band that needed a singer. (Have I mentioned before, that when I'm fairly bored, tends to be when I drink the most? We'll save that for another time).

Which brings us to today. I was able to find an ad from mid-July with some potential, so I emailed the poster. He emailed back, they had found a singer, but it might not be working out, so I'm going to head over sometime in the next month and audition and see what happens.

Yay! I'm genuinely excited and I don't seem to get excited for anything. On top of that, I'm nervous as hell, which I'm sure is apparent in my response to their request for some of the songs I might want to try out. (I think I listed about 30 bazillion possibilities in order to give them some options, real cool there slick). Anyway, we will see what happens. Two good omens though.

Many years ago, my friend Will and I met up to head out for the day and he couldn't stop laughing. He told me he had a dream the night before where I was singing the song "American Band". That song happens to be one they used to perform from their set list they sent over, coincidence I know, but amusing nevertheless. The other good omen, is my best song vocally is probably Creed's One, it's the style they are looking for and easily the most complete song in my range. It's also on their old set list, so at least I know I won't completely embarrass myself when I head over there. (I know power of positive thinking, don't worry, I'm confident in my ability, I just know I have some limitations with my singing, plus there's a big difference in singing at home, karaoke, etc, then there is in a band for a 3-4 hours in a night.)

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