Thursday, August 13, 2009

I like coincidences

I'm having one of those Thursday's where I've run out of things to read on regular webpages and there seems to be a blogger strike for those I read regularly. (Or I just read too quickly). Anyway, that means either I have to come up with something to do with work, or write something. Well since a good portion of my job is hurry up and wait, creating unnecessary work is counter-productive, so that leaves me with writing.

Plus it's been a while since I got into of my own points of views or ways of thinking, so that's were we are at today. Coincidences, or co wink eee dinks as I've probably termed them at some point of my life. (somehow the written form of that seems much stupid then even the spoken form, which is sort of an amazing thing when you think about it).

I'm a big believer that there is a lot to be learned from one's surroundings. When I'm going right, I tend to think I pick up a lot of cues from my surroundings. Sometimes it's something that someone says that stays with me for a period of time until it clicks due to a situation, or I'll read something and be amazed at it's correlation to a situation that I maybe experiencing, or sometimes it's watching a movie and being able to relate the story or actions to a situation I'm experiencing. While I know these types of things happen to everyone, at certain periods of time I seem to be hyper-aware of mine. That doesn't necessarily mean every single one of them develops into an epiphany, quite the opposite, most of the time, they seem to act more like sign posts. Small clues to larger puzzles.

There are also many that likely mean nothing at all, well at least I think they don't mean anything in the whole scope of things, but they interest me. Here's one that I believe means absolutely nothing, but it sort of made me feel like writing this post.

I was finished with work on Wednesday and relaxing after dinner. The wife was giving Bronwyn a bath and I was flipping through channels and stumbled on "The Day after Tomorrow" (the global warming catastrophe movie). The movie had already started and I came in at about the point where New York city was about to be completely flooded from a Tsunami. And I remember the image jumping out at me during the movie before they show the wave of the waters starting to pour up into the streets from the manhole covers. Not sure why it was sticking with me, but it did (visual images sometimes do this for me, almost like movie foreshadowing in a weird way).

Cut to Thursday and I'm perusing my blog list and come across this entry: . Monica's interesting take on water coming up through the street in NYC and people's reaction to it. A good portion of it related to the entrepreneurship of most people. Which then lead to last nights local news that my wife was watching as I was doing something in the kitchen (I despise TV news), but one segment caught my attention, an avenue near Brown's stadium that they were doing a piece on for how people sell parking spaces, homemade jewelry, bottled water, etc and basically use their location for some monetary profit.

Nothing more then three coincidences loosely tied together and unlikely to have happened to anyone else based on their three experiences over those two days. Does it mean anything? Probably not, unless they are telling me I need to drink more water and make more money, but I didn't really need a set of coincidences to realize that.

I've had old friends pop back into life at points where they were the exact insight I needed to answer a question I was facing. Conversely, I've had people pop back into life where I had unresolved issues I was experiencing, but the timing of their appearance forced me to realize my own thoughts in relation to the past and many times has given me insight into my presence.

Sometimes I think this isn't anything more then some sly game I perform for myself in order to occupy my over-analyzing mind. It's definitely a possibility, what better way to keep myself from obsessing over things then to give it a bunch of random things to calculate and create a pattern out of. Other times I think it's tied into some bigger pattern of things, I think of it as 21st century druidism, by paying attention to your environment (even a modern one) there are answers surrounding you. For me that's a pretty big statement considering I'm definitely not religious and over the last years my belief in the spiritual has dwindled.

I'll end in saying keep an eye out for those coincidences, maybe they mean something and maybe they don't, but if they do maybe you'll get something out of them.

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